Just because you can, doesn’t mean you oughta..

So far here’s what ‘they’ have on Obama:

1) doesn’t always wear a flag lapel

2) middle name same as the late Iraqi tryant

3) once wore Somali garb on a visit to Kenya – could be mistaken for Muslim garb

4) field staff member in Texas had a poster of ‘Che’ on his wall

5) didn’t put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem

6) supported by Louis Farrakhan

7) first name rhymes with a very terrible human being

8) went to some foreign schools oversea. Sounds suspicious

9) thanks to numbers 2, 3, 6, and 7, ‘we’re not saying he’s Muslim, but you might wanna think about that stuff for a while.

And then we get this claptrap from TennesseFree.com, written by Nathan McIntyre

Sadly, Barak Obama, due to the racial sensitivities of our age is untouchable. Non-black people can not criticize a black public figure in America without being instantly labeled. Nevermind the fact that it was largely the Democrats in the ’60s who supported segregation to the end. Senator Obama has some huge questions to answer about where exactly he and his supporters are coming from on some issues. Many, he himself will never be asked to answer because it’s simply too politically incorrect.

So, the right-wing engages in a battle of symbology, and the Obama apologists have the nerve to call them on it, and then…poor poor white folks, can’t even speak poorly of the black man. We might be called bad NAMES if we say bad things about the black man.

Nathan – have you LISTENED to Hillary. She been pillorying Obama, with themes that will be picked up by the Republicans if Obama wins the nomination. Obama has a record, and is not the most experienced politician in the world, but instead of going after substance, the Hobbsians go after his name and his alleged associations and get attacked, and then the poor poor white people cry foul…how pathetic is that.

Occasionally what some people call political correctness is another name for civility, for a chance to get past the meanness that permeates day-to-day politics and the polarization which is getting pretty damn tiresome.

Yes, you can use sneak attacks, and cropped photos and ugly insinuations. It’s a free country, and the 1st amendment does apply. But what about this – deal with what the man stands for – read his book(s). Deal with what he is saying. Stay away from the dumb-nearly-meaningless-by-now flag lapel controversy and quit whining about not being able to attack Obama because of his skin color.

How about stop doing certain things, not because they’re not legal, but because they are not the right thing to do?



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5 responses to “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you oughta..

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  2. I second ‘coma’s response.

    But that’s what you have when dealing with the fear-mongering smear machines.

    the Right Wing of the Republican party (TN GOP) nit picks the trivial (lapel pens and respecting a culture you visit) because it appeals to the grotesquely ignorant base that they pander to.

    The Right Wing of the Democratic party (Clintonistas) use fear that same way (wrongly applying the word Madrassa and launching “vote for me or your kids die” ads)

    Desperation yields this kind of lying, manipulating, deception.

    The Republican Right is splashing around like a fish on the beach breathing it’s last. The DLC , a bundle of nerves as they may well be staring their demise in the face.

    They’re all sweating profusely. And I’m lovin’ it. πŸ™‚
    They deserve the stress and they deserve to lose.

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