This blog’s for change and we have solutions..we can AND we WILL..

It’s amazing how choosing the right slogan can do so much to define your cause, your movement or your product.   The battle lines around the abortion issue are unique (and I’m not touching this issue substantively!) in that both sides have equally ‘bullet-proof’ slogans.  Who is really against ‘CHOICE’ (in the normal meaning of the word)?  This is the land of the free, home of the brave and by God, we choose not only our leaders, but our theology, or lack of theology.   Who is against ‘LIFE’, for the love of all that is vital?   We pursue liberty because we HAVE lives.  We cling to the breath of life and, hope to do more than just exist.   So..Pro-Life or terms of a slogan, it’s a stand-off.  Both sides win.

Last night when I was watching the primary results, I realized that Hillary had won, lock, stock, and barrel in the battle of slogans.   Obama CAN.  Hillary WILL.   Obama is for CHANGE.   Hillary has SOLUTIONS.    I know it sounds superficial, but I guarantee you that practically every three-year old in the most of the world can tell you what ‘the golden arches’ portend.   Most of us know that ‘Coke IS life’.   Those simple slogans become more than ear-worms.

In the land of the slogans, Hillary wins*.    I can walk two miles a day is about two miles different than ‘I WILL walk two miles a day’.    Sometime it just comes down to verbs.   I SHOULD treat you like I want to be treated.   When I actually treat you that way, the world changes, one small step at a time.

*This is in no way an endorsement of Ms. Clinton.


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