Lima or bust, or, Don´t EVER travel with me

We made it to Lima late last night, unbelievably.

If you are ever tempted to request me as a partner for The Amazing Race, don´t.  The same luck I regularly bring to the Predators (attended 9 games this year, coinciding with 9 losses), I bring to travel.

Earlier this year,  I missed the Super Bowl after being bumped from an overbooked flight.

Friday night we made it to Atlanta for a Saturday afternoon flight.  We shared dinner with friends along with a tornado right down the road.  Batten down the hatches and the airport.  Saturday flight delayed until late Saturday night.  Made it to Miami in just enough time for a connection to Lima.  Flight cancelled due to mechanical failure.

We are in freaking Miami, but A Airlines put us up in Fort Lauderdale, over 20 miles from the airport.  We passed nearly 100 hotel-motels on the way to F. Lauderdale.  We were told breakfast at the hotel was on A Airline´s tab.  WRONG.  Pissed, and raring to go, we were hauled back to the airport in time for our flight, only to find that a baggage handler had been mangled somewhat by the machine loading the baggage onto our airplane..flight delayed indefinitely.  Sympathy meter for the baggage handler by this time in our trip: low.

We finally take off and made it to Lima 54 hours after we left town.  Gilligan´s crew had nothing on us.

Grateful to be here with our wonderful daughter.  Lima is an amazing town, with ginormous plazas and beautiful beaches and granite mountains.  The taxi drivers apparently each have some kind of guardian angel individually taking watch, because you have never seen anything like Lima taxis, and that counts the NASCAR circuit.




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7 responses to “Lima or bust, or, Don´t EVER travel with me

  1. Hey, count your blessings — last summer I had a 32-hour flight delay getting out of Bolivia. I assure you, being stuck in Fort Lauderdale is better than being stuck in Santa Cruz. 🙂

  2. Thank you Ciao,
    for your sharing..


  3. I think there’s a school all foreign taxi drivers have to attend. I can personally attest that there’s a Greek guy who trained your drivers in Lima or trained with them.

  4. Glad you’re there and safe. Hopefully the Preds will take advantage of your absence!


  5. sounds similar to my own curse of new years eve (i’m always somewhere in the car trying to get somewhere else before the ball drops).

    good luck, bud!

  6. dogmrb

    Y’all have a great time and give Erin a big hug for Mr. Bain. And tell her that her fish has a St. Patrick’s hat on just for her.

  7. Wow, sounds like quite the adventure!

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