Why the trip was worth it and why I’d go through it all again


No, no..not to see a picture of me. It was worth every stinking delay, the getting sick on the plane part back to the states, the fun of the hospital in Miami, including the 14 hours in an emergency room bed next door to a man wearing a loose robe and a thong which he displayed on a regular basis.

Being with my daughter for five days was worth every stupid unlucky frustrating sick-making moment. I’m glad to be home, but I wouldn’t trade those five days for any earthly possession.



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9 responses to “Why the trip was worth it and why I’d go through it all again

  1. Are you sure you went to Peru? Those look like the Opryland fountains behind you.

    Welcome home. That’s a great pic of you and your daughter.

  2. Hope you are feeling better!

  3. I’m SO glad you are home and safe!

    …and the Preds still lost without you, so it’s safe for you to return to the arena…

  4. dogmrb

    So glad you are back. I’ve been thinking of you and Lynn the whole time and how wonderful it was to see Erin in her own place and competence. I think you might sign up to be one of those secret shoppers for hospital emergency rooms though: they might pay for your visits.

  5. Ok…I’m glad you’re ok and all but I sho’ nuff coulda done without the mental picture of your ER neighbor.

    Heh heh. For real…glad you’re back at the homestead and ok. I had to come deliver something to your office one day while you were gone.

  6. Welcome home, John. We missed you!

  7. I smile.
    Love is just a wonderful thing. (Glad you are home and better.)

  8. Hahahahha I’m going to second Sista Smiff’s point.

    Welcome back!

  9. I caught parts of the ER deal thru badly catching up on Twitter & just went ohhhh nooooo! But I knew whatever it was, it had likely been worth it to be able to spend that time with Erin.

    However, I would like you to promise to TRY to stay out of the hospital the rest of 2008…? Heh. 🙂

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