That’s Magdalena on the left (my wonderful daughter on the right). Magdalena is Erin’s ‘host sister’. She’s 16 years old and tighter than a tick with my daughter. This picture is from a restaurant in Lima where we ate the best cerbiche’ known to man.

Magdalena doesn’t have any English and my Spanish is pretty much limited to ‘banos?’ (bathroom) and ‘agua sin gas’ (non carbonated water), so Erin had to translate. Nonetheless, Mag thought I was hilarious because I asked her silly questions and made fun of the traffic cops in the intersections with their dramatic hand signals and gestures. We laughed about boy friends, the amount of bracelets and necklaces a person could possibly wear at one time, about the fact that her baby brother pretty much has the same name as her older brother (thanks to grand-dad who makes the rules around the house) and lots of other stupid stuff.

As we were leaving she told Erin to tell Lynn (my wife) that she must be a lucky and happy woman to live with such a funny man. The true meaning and aural sensation of the word ‘SNORK’ could be encapsulated by the the sound emanating from Lynn’s mouth and nostrils accompanied with eye-rolling worthy of a gold medal if the Olympics elected to add eye-rolling as an Olympic sport.

Personally, I’m thinking Mag is pretty dang smart, and boy does she have a great smile.



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5 responses to “Magdalena

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  2. LMAO!!! Your description of Lynn’s reaction is comedy gold.

    I can picture her now… lololol…

  3. dogmrb

    You are so funny. I would like to hear Erin’s take on all this. I can tell by the look on Erin’s face that she loved having you there because you are consistently Her Dad.

  4. such a great picture. sounds like a lovely trip. and, just because you’ve piqued my curiousity, any chance that restaurant in lima was segundo muelle?

  5. Actually it was Punta de Sol in Miraflores, near Larco Street

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