Pith(ier) in the Wind: Mise’ hors de scene…

Liz Garrigan and the Nashville Scene have decided to tidy up their ‘Pith in the Wind’ blog. The only writers that will regularly appear in PITH will be Garrigan, Bruce Berry, Jeff Woods, and Matt Pulle (big coup to get Pulle back), with occasional posts by ace blogster, Roger Abramson. Quite a nice line-up there.  My only real complaint is that Jim Ridley is not one of the chosen few. Ridley is buttah as far as I’m concerned.

Other than the seasonal lopping of the contributors, the PITH blogroll has been scaled way-way back. Many local blogs including this one have been expelled, cast off into blogging nether-lands. At least they left one comedy blog on da roll. In lamentation of this event (and after reading Aunt B’s much better poetic plea) I have written a bad version of perhaps the worst most famous poem* in all the world.

I THINK that I shall never jog
Upon anything quite like a blog.
A blog whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the linkage of blogrolling’s breast;
A blog that examines itself most days, 5
And for readers each day it dearly prays;
A blog that may in summer flag
life intruding is SUCH a drag;
A blog Upon whose bosom the Scene had linked;
sent a reader or two or three I think. 10
Blogs are made by fools such as we,
But only Liz Garrison can pith on me.

Tanks for the linkage memories!

*Joyce Kilmer’s Trees …shudder…



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2 responses to “Pith(ier) in the Wind: Mise’ hors de scene…

  1. Lee

    Two points:

    First, nice touch on adding the numeral verse count.

    Second, pretty slim pickings over on the blogroll, especially the local one. I came up with five of you Tenn bloggers just off hand that post regularly with decent material, both on the right and left.

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