I can see the Head Start Building from my front porch!

Katie Couric: What does that have to do anything?

JH: Katie, it’s about the start, it’s about the head, if you don’t have a head, you really can’t start, can you?

KC: Have you ever even been IN the Head Start Building?

JH: Katie, I know there are heads in there, and I know that kids are starting. When you put those two things together: ‘the head’ plus ‘the start’, do you really have to be in the building to understand the concept?

KC: Let me give you another chance. What do YOU have to do with Head Start?

JH: Katie, many people, in my opinion, in starting, with heads, by the way, need more starting, not more heads getting in their way like big government getting in the way of our healthy economy. Katie, it’s synergy, it’s about the heads and, oh yes, it’s about making jobs, making jobs for starters, with heads, who synergize and make more jobs.

KC: I’m still not really understand your part in all this.

JH: Katie, I CAN SEE THE Head Start Building! I can see the young starters, the heads, the starts, and I can see if anybody attempts to enter that building that does not have the best interests of our heads and our starts making jobs building synergy and being the kind of Americans that don’t have to organize their communities, they ARE their communities.

KC: Once again, have you EVER been in the Head Start Building, talked to anyone in the building, helped anyone in the building or picked up a piece of trash in front of the building?

JH: Katie, many times, I’ve been heading..haha, thats a good one, by the Head Start building and I have seen trash, I have seen litter, and I’ve thought, I can start by picking up the trash and seeing that each one of us if we do something ordinary, not like going to a fancy college or university, but by being ordinary people with ordinary heads, ordinary starts, and big hearts, we can turn this thing around.

KC: uh, thanks, John, you’ve given me a real heads-up as to your involvement with that center. Do you ever plan to go in there, John?

JH: Katie, ordinary people doing ordinary things, starting and heading out the door, don’t you think we matter? Don’t you think it’s the great middle class, caring, hoping, jobbing and somesuch…isn’t that what it’s really all about?

KC: wtf???



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5 responses to “I can see the Head Start Building from my front porch!

  1. LMAO! I have missed you, my friend.

  2. This is of the funny. Nice.

  3. Vic

    Well, first you have “ma”, then “nuah”. It’s really a nice word, “ma” “nuah”. It’s nice.

  4. You are total VP material. 🙂

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