A lite-er shade of Palin, or, Is that all you got?

The media has a lot of damn nerve expecting Veep candidate Sarah Palin to actually answer THEIR questions.  Palin has her answers – maverick – and she is gonna give em’ regardless of the questions.  The so-called debate last Thursday night – maverick – was little more than another chance for Palin to give her well-coached stump speech.  Her call for more ‘Joe Six-Pack’ was but a feeble chimera of faux-populism that will hopefully fall as flat as the current ‘half-of-a-six-pack’ running the country.

And now she has the you-betcha chutzpuh – maverick – to deride Obama for pal-ling around with a ‘radical’ who actually performed his radical acts when Obama was all of eight years old.  Is that all you got, Palin?  Has it come to THiS?  I know that it’s traditional for the Veep candidate to be the attack dog, but this canine doesn’t even have lipstick.  This is nothing more than blip-schtick, unworthy of even Joe McCarthy’s fabled list of the fifties.

Here’s a woman who sleeps with a man who seriously wanted Alaska to secede from the United States of America, and is running with a man who was against torturing prisoners and now is FOR torturing prisoners, who was AGAINST regulating the sub-prime lenders but who is now suddenly going to regulate the stuffing out of them – maverick -, a man who is either for or against off-shore drilling (I can’t remember where he stands NOW) and she’s gonna play the the Obama had a bad friend game?   How about Charles Keating..how about the sick people who smeared McCain back in 2000 working for Karl Rove at the time who are now working FOR McCain.  Forget all this…how in God’s name is Sarah Palin remotely qualified to run this country?  Oh yeah, she loves Israel and Jesus and Joe Six-Pack and hockey moms and can see Russia from her freaking house?

I am actually optimistic that the people of this country are tired of the anti-intellectualism neo-con,  con game stooges who have been ruining our country.  I’m optimistic that the people of this country will see though the stunt nomination of Sarah Palin and the suspension of the campaign and the flip-floppery opportunism of Senator McCain, a man – maverick – who has become little more than the re-incarnation of the current failure-in-chief.

If this is really all you got, Ms Palin – maverick – then bless your heart.



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15 responses to “A lite-er shade of Palin, or, Is that all you got?

  1. Grow up! How long you been trying to be a “journelist? Go back to school!

  2. Vic

    Again, Ed, “is that all you got?”.

  3. Ed – I’m not a journalist or ‘journelist’. I’m a blogger who gets to have opinions. It’s called free speech.

  4. You’d think Ed might have been tipped off by the frequent use of the word “I” that this was an opinion piece.

    Of course, Ed’s contact url is http://www.aol.com, so he must represent all of America. You’d better watch for for him, Hutch…

  5. Tim Matheny


    I respect what you’re saying, but disagree at one point (ahh, probably more than that, but this is the one that concerns me) – it takes a blind eye to the telescope to assert that William Ayres’ anti-Americanism ended when Obama was 8, and that Ayres’ and Obama’s association was simply “a friend from the neighborhood.” It took a FOIA demand to pry the records of the CAC from the University of Chicago, and I wonder if it’s not because they do show that the educational focus of that group, the group that the future senator touts as his “management experience,” came straight from Ayres, and he’s completely unrepentant about his extremism. Charles Keating and William Ayres aren’t anywhere near the same league, and while you may not like Karl Rove, he’s not a convicted bomber (and if you wonder why so many Americans subscribe to an anti-intellectual viewpoint, you just don’t have to look any farther than the fact that the intellectuals at the University of Chicago welcome him with open arms).
    Please be aware I’m not defending McCain here – just saying it’s not as stupid as you’ve asserted to ask the questions as to whether those dots really are connected.

  6. Tim – my point is not that Ayers and Rove are in the ‘same league’, but that if you start tarring others by people they have associated in the past, you are close to the logistical fallacy of: O.J. Simpson is a murderer, OJ Simpson was a Buffalo Bill, therefore all Bill’s fans are fans of murder.

    Palin has demonstrated little in the way of substance. Obama’s senate record speaks for itself. He is clearly liberal, but he is also clearly not out to destroy America. Let’s worry about policy, not past associations. I may have known a Communist and been friends with a Communist..that doesn’t make make me a Commie.

    I don’t think it’s fair to say that McCain should be disqualified because of his past association – a very real and unsavory association – with Keating any more than anyone should disqualify Obama because he has an angry preacher that disturbs people by his rhetoric.

    Let’s get to substance rather than attacks. Palin has shown little substance.

  7. Tim Matheny

    Sorry, messed up with my antecedent on the parenthesis – I meant Ayres, not Rove. Didn’t want my intellectual status questioned. 😉

  8. Tim, in my book, you are not only an intellect, but a man of great taste considering your musical acumen.

    The political personal attacks (either way) are pettifoggery, imo. Do you think that Palin is a qualified candidate?

  9. I should also add that your acumen re music is far outstripped by your acumen in selecting a mate.

  10. Tim Matheny

    But where’s the substance in any of this? That’s my problem with this whole process. I keep hearing platitudes (both sides talk about “change” without much evidence that they even know how to change, for instance) or fingerpointing, but few real plans, from both sides.
    Maybe I’m just exhausted by the whole thing, and character is becoming the only barometer I’m interested in because I just can’t see much acumen on either side. And I just don’t see much difference there either. I’ve begun to feel like G. Washington did about the party system – that it “is itself a frightful form of despotism.”
    If only we could actually get to hear Alan Keyes (instead of seeing him as the Republican Ralph Nader). He’s the only guy since Reagan I’ve thought of as a measured statesman – naturally, nobody much likes him.

  11. Tim Matheny

    As usual, you are too kind, and the model of grace. And you are indeed correct that I married so far above myself that my nose was bleeding at the wedding.

    Palin? Qualified to be VP, yes. I know you think that’s scary, but honestly, John, let me give you not two words but three letters: LBJ. He was lots scarier in a different way (scarier than Cheney in my book, and that’s saying something), and the republic survived. The fact is that the “heartbeat away” dialogue is an exercise in fearmongering. If we’re planning for a president to die in office, let’s be kind and not elect anybody. Joe Biden, to his great credit, did everything but tell Gwen Ifill that was an insensitive question in the debate, and I wish he had gone that far.

    I’m more concerned with the presidential candidates’ qualifications and substance. For all his obvious charisma, Senator Obama is still a first-term senator with only state legislature experience and essentially no private sector career. Senator McCain wasn’t my choice for the Republican nominee, but he at least has a wealth of experience. So does Senator Biden, whom I admired a great deal in the debate, but I’m not voting for or against a VP candidate. And you said it right: VP candidates have one job for the party before election night, and that’s to be attack dog (oddly enough, not against the other VP candidate), lightning rod, and whipping boy (or girl, as Tina Fey has shown). So he’s gonna say outrageous stuff, she’s gonna say outrageous stuff, but in the end game, they are playing the role, just like Dan Quayle played the role (and the republic even survived him).

    So in the absence of a compelling reason not to, I’ll probably vote for the Republican, knowing full well that this election doesn’t have a conservative choice, because his party at least will say they stand against government-sanctioned abortion. I can conscientiously live with the killing of combatants. I really can’t shake the idea that condoned abortion isn’t an assault on the principle of protecting the helpless, no matter where you fall on the “beginning of life” debate.
    But I’m not gonna hate on Biden, and I’m not gonna hate on Obama (I differ with my wife on this one, btw, but don’t think less of her for it – she may be more principled than I).
    And who knows? I’m doing a little civic duty by doing IT support at the debate (was there today, will be there from 6 am – ?? tomorrow), and I may be called upon to do support for either candidate’s Macs. I fantasize that one of them would ask me whom I’m supporting – and that I would tell either one exactly the same thing: that I’m praying that if he is elected, he will be godly in his choices.

    I think that was longer than your original post. Sorry.

  12. Tim Matheny

    Sorry, one more thing. Pettifoggery is a GREAT word! I feel smarter already!

  13. Mimi

    Way to go Red Sox!!! Of course, I realize this comment has nothing to do with the post, I just wanted to talk about that great team from Boston. Can anyone help me remember the other team from the northeast that was supposed to be so good? It might have been a team from New York, but really, who cares?! (For those of you reading this, John likes the other team and I’m obviously a Red Sox fan – despite this, we still are friends.)

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  15. Greta

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.
    You go, guy!

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