Creepin’ Monday Blues..

Sunday in the PM, fighting off those creeping Monday blues..

wanted redemption from the Titans, but they gathered no moss

had to go and lose…

squabbling and fussing, a junkie needs his connection..

but the sign said CLOSED down at the Cupcake Collection..

Got those creepin’ Monday blues..

darkness clamping early, not in on the daylight ruse

too cold to walk it off, too little of  Sunday remains,

want a shake-em-up transition, but i get the whistle of the trains

leaving Sunday behind, a wistful backwards glance..

need some rocking and some rolling, goodbye sundown dance..

It’s those creeping Monday blues, getting in some licks..

feel like a city boy, taking wrong turns in the sticks..





Filed under oh the humanity.., poor poor me

2 responses to “Creepin’ Monday Blues..

  1. Gwen

    Writing a dissertation about the 1957 school desegregation in Nashville. Need to find others who were in first grade that year. Contact me please!

    • Gwen – I went to an all-white private school – David Lipscomb. The only black person I knew was the janitor who called me ‘Sir’. It made sense at the time. I’m not sure I can tell you a lot about your topic.

      It took me several years to understand that there was a big old world out there and that we had as much apartheid in Nashville as they did in South Africa.

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