The baseball boysI’m a 50ish denizen of Salemtown which is the neighborhood directly above the trendy Germantown area in Nashville.  We are still not as trendy, but we are trendiferous. I live with a wonderful person named Lynn (my wife) and Odelia and Zooey (dogs). Our three kids have fled the coop. We have one in Chattanooga, one in D.C. and one still here.  None of them love their parents enough to produce grandchildren yet.  I have a masochistic love affair with Vanderbilt sports and continue to enjoy the Rolling Stones after all these years. Of more recent vintage, I like the White Stripes, The National, Patty Griffin and Mumford & Sons.

I enjoy the Story (Sam and Lynnette Davidson’s exploration of what church should look like). I love baseball and have been a Yankee fan for 46 years, so ya can’t call me a frontrunner.

I am spectacled, if not a spectacle. I’m not all that interesting to myself, but I do have the odd opinion or two or three.


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  1. Lea Ann Overstreet

    Is this John Hutcheson? Hi, it’s Lea Ann with the Tennessean. Just wanted to check out the blog.

  2. This is indeed, John Hutcheson..the one that wrote you the email!!

  3. John, I must complement you on your new digs! Looks great; keep up the great posts.

  4. thank you kind Sir-Dawg. The Lynnster is truly an amazing WP Queen.

  5. MaybeOce

    How serious are you about the Oce stuff? Is your machine working now?

    We’re thinking of getting one, and your comments are food for thought.


  6. After a really depressing stop and start three weeks, the OCE seems to have been de-kinked. It’s got LOTS of bells and whistles we don’t need, but I have to admit that the quality level is high and I haven’t seen the repairman round lately.

    At one point, I thought we were going to have to set him up with a cubicle.

  7. Hey John…

    Wondering if you’ve found my new locale yet, would love to know what you think!

  8. MaybeOce

    Thanks for the info! We already give our copier repair guy an office. (No joke!)

    So if we could cut back to just a cubicle, we’d come out way ahead.

  9. Sandra Smith Carlton

    I’m so glad that you liked my husband, Matt, in “How I Learned To Drive”. Matt has written a play, “Hanging Mary”, about the elephant that was hanged in Erwin, TN in 1916. It plays from March 8th (yesterday) until the 17th at The Belcourt Theatre in Nashville. It’s being produced by People’s Branch Theatre. Here’s a link to the commercial he made for it. See the play… You’ll be amazed at what humans can do… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVnYEM7yHv4

  10. John,

    Thanks for your vote in my race against Crazy Mary Pruitt. I’m proud I was able to offer you a choice.

    Sure… it was an uphill battle. But some battles need fighting anyway.

  11. I’m probably a distant 3rd too. haha. or tenth. Calling myself second best was probably an exaggeration.

  12. I enjoyed finding your blog today and reading around! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  13. John! Can you send me your email so I can beg you to sign a release form allowing your “wrinkles” to be published in time for Christmas? Sent it to kathy (dot) tyson (at) comcast (dot) net. Thanks! {{{{{hugs}}}}

  14. John,

    I caught one of your old comments over at Terry Frank’s blog, in the archives.

    Jim Boyd

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    I’m afraid it will do little good, but I’m proud to say that i voted for Jim Boyd. Pritt, besides the stuff you talk about and quote above, is nuts.

    By john h on 11.05.06 3:16 am

  15. My complements on an excellent Blog – Keep it up…

  16. salicoleman

    Hi Hutch, just letting you know I’m on wordpress too now, blogging my study abroad. It was good to see you and Lynn in Nashville. I facebook friended her but I don’t know if she has friended me back…

  17. This blog rocks John. Look forward to more. Thanks for the follow by the way. @tomlinsonclean just in case! 🙂

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