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The curious case of the non-missing rights, or, here’s your bill, what’s your hurry

Let me be the first to admit that the nation survived the Bush administration, and we came out of those years with our rights intact, despite the Patriot Act and the shoe n’ belt ecdysiast dance at the airport, despite the fact that a lot of us feared the worst.  But our fears were small-mashed-mini potatoes compared to the doom n’ gloom Obama hating fear baiting going on right now.

Let’s play a game.  Let’s pretend it’s tomorrow morning.  You walk out of your house.  Name ONE right you don’t have as you walk out of the house that you had when Obama took office.  I’m not talking about what you THINK will happen or speculation, I want to know one right you had back in 2008, you don’t have right now.

I keep hearing about how our rights are being trampled and we are going to be lucky to get out of this with a scintilla of freedom, but we’ve made it through a civil war, people being property, women being largely chattel, apartheid in many states, and the alien and sedition act.  We ain’t got nothing to compare to that.  And yes, I’m not thinking that any sane person wants this much debt, but I don’t see how any sane person would bet against this country.  We’ve been in bigger ruts than this (ask anyone who made it through the great depression).

But, let’s review those rights:

1st amendment: Clearly you can call the current President a socialist, a nazi, a communist, a Kenyan and a racist and do that all on the public airwaves, and not be jailed, so I’m going to say that the ‘free speech’ part of the 1st amendment hasn’t been abridged.

We don’t have a government established religion, we can assemble at the church, synagogue or mosque* of our choice, or stay at home and believe in no higher power than the person who invented the TV remote control.

So..1st amendment: INTACT

2nd amendment: This is quite ironic, and I certainly would say that Obama only gets indirect credit for this, but I’d say if you believe that the right to bear arms is more than just having a militia, you have hit the jackpot in many states.  In our fair state, you can now carry your gun (with a carry permit of course) to bars and to state parks.  In Louisiana, you can carry your gun into church now**.

We have a variety of militias, some state-sanctioned, and many not.  Unless the militia members attempt to blow up a federal building or take over a state, I’d have to say that militias are free to flourish.

So..2nd amendment: INTACT

3rd Amendment: Is anyone forcing you to house any soldiers?  Didn’t think so…

4th Amendment: Last I heard, police still have to have a warrant to enter your house for search and seizure. Probable cause appears to be intact***.

5th Amendment:  Anybody forced to incriminate themselves, not have the right to a grand jury??  I will agree that eminent domain has been abused, but that was by the Supreme Court before Obama was elected, so you can’t pin that one on him.

6th Amendment: You still get a still get a jury if you wish in a criminal case, you still get to question witnesses against you..anybody wanna seriously make a case that the 6th has been derogated?

7th Amendment: If you want a jury in a civil trial, you get a jury in a civil trial ($20 bucks and above).

8th Amendment: Ask any bail bondsman..Reasonable bail is still available where bail is appropriate.  One can argue that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment, but I don’t think you can pin that one on Obama.

9th Amendment: Once again, what rights are you missing as you walk outside your door tomorrow?

10th Amendment: One could reasonably argue that states rights have been eroded for the last 80 years.  Personally in some cases (civil rights, voting rights, environmental law), I’m grateful for the federal government.  My argument deals with personal rights and I’ll leave it to great scholars than me to argue this one.

It’s so easy to decry and proclaim, but if you look at it, we still live in a free country, riddled with imperfection.  My personal belief is that as long as mankind is involved, imperfection comes with the territory.  I firmly believe we have a great country, and it will still be a great free country tomorrow, in 2012, and in 2016.

*except in some parts of Rutherford County

** I’m pretty sure if guns had been allowed in churches in Tennessee during my youth that my personal history would have been greatly altered.  Not because people in my church would have intentionally fired their weapons, but because when people keeled over while falling asleep their guns might have fallen out of their holsters and accidentally discharged.  Believe me, I can ensure you that numerous people in my church would have at least been winged.

***Unless, of course, you are Hispanic, and State Rep Mike Turner sees you and decides you are an illegal immigrant.



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Italian Spiderman – what’s left to say?

Worth it for the mustache alone..

Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod

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Keeping abreast of the hockey news..sometimes its TooToo much

With all the talk about the impending sale of the Preds to Mr. Blackberry, I missed an equally massive story. It seems that American Idol also-ran Kellie Pickler has further enhanced her career by becoming the girlfriend of ‘an Eskimo’ (her words).

Our own (or should that be ‘Hamilton/Kansas City/Winnipeg/Waterloo’s own), Jordin Tootoo, the worlds most famous Inuit, has been dating Pickler since January.

Somehow, this doesn’t assuage the pain…


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Are they making Twitter fitter, or is Twitter now litter? Now that I’m addicted, I’m bitter

The wizards behind the curtain up in Twitter server-land are supposedly beefing up the gerbils, tightening the wires, soldering the philiotropes, etc. etc. etc. I’m not a cat lover by any means, but I rarely threaten violence against the felines of this world. I’m going to make an exception here. If I have to look at this damn cat one more day, the cat dies*.


Seriously, Twitter twits…lose the cat. Lose the cute. Fix yer product, or you’ll be as dead as a downtown ballpark for the Sounds.

*reverse euphemism for rescuing the cat from the clutches of and giving it a good home that doesn’t believe that cats are a delicacy.


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Which side are we supporting, again?

In all the great decider talk about vetoing the war funding bill that contains timetables, we don’t seem to be hearing any talk about how we are actually going to end this debacle.

A year or so ago, we heard that the number of Iraqi battalions who could ‘stand up’ on their own were increasing.  Can’t say we’ve heard too much about that lately.   The truth is that the Iraqi army is riddled with men who are serving two masters: Iraqi army and their Sunni/Shiite militia.   Iraqi military have been reprimanded for cracking down too hard on Shiite militia.  The Sunni faction of the government are threatening to depart.  The militias who were terrorizing Baghdad have moved their terror to other towns to avoid the ‘surge’.

In the American civil war, one could make an argument that outside interlopers supported the ‘Union’ troops were supporting the legitimate government of the United States.  Please tell me which side in Iraq is the ‘legitimate’ side.

Democrats need to strip the pork out of the funding bill and negotiate fiercely for benchmarks to end this insane war.  The people have spoken and we want a conclusion.  We did topple Saddam..we did help install a Parliament.

Those of us who want the U.S. to end their role have been categorized as cut and runners.  The truth is, staying is only going to elongate an already protracted conflict between the Sunni and the Shia.  It’s been going on for over 1,000 years.   Which side are we on, again?


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A-pop-o-lips now, or why wait until 7:00 PM

The Dallas ‘artist’ known as Kurtz* (or the artist formerly and still known as Prince-tentious**) is going to present an art show based on the last three hours of Anna Nicole Smith’s life. The event will appropriately be held at “JRs Bar and Grill (3923 Cedar Springs in Dallas if you wanna attend).
ANS lives on, well if only for three hours.

Please, dear God, will JR’s bar and grill next show be velvet renditions of the last three hours of Elvis??

*Mr. Kurtz, she dead….

**”What I’m trying to say is, ‘Look at this. You want fame? Then buy it now because in three hours, it will all be gone,’” he says. “In a way, the show will resemble the last three hours of her life. She didn’t know when she was going to pass away and not until the end of this show, will you know which paintings will live and which will die.”

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Absolutely, positively fearless predictions that you can take to THE bank (uh, can you hold that check until pay day?)

1. Florida will NOT repeat as NCAA men’s basketball champ. Too many teams will watch the film of Vandy taking Florida OUT.

2. You are going to hear the name of Kate Middleton so much in the next few months that you will be longing for the pristine early days of Paris Hilton.

3. Katie Couric will not be the CBS Evening News Anchor by mid-2008.

4. Howie Kendrick is going to hit a TON this year for the California Angels.

5. Fred Thompson’s name will be mentioned more than 12,500 times in Michael Silence’s blog before November 2007. Fred Thompson WILL re-register to vote in Tennessee in the next four months.

6. Despite being absolutely the best ‘over-the-air’ show on television right now, ‘Friday Night Lights‘ will be canceled and will not be on the air next season. Studio 60 is gone as well.

7. The Spice Girls will get back together and they will suck inhale deeply just as much as they did before.

8. Bill Hobbs is going to be embarrassed by at least one fellow blogger during ‘Bloggers on the Hill’ day.

9. Spiderman 3 is going to take itself a little too seriously this time around. Nonetheless, I will be a paying customer.

10. Bob Clement will discover bloggers about ten days before the mayoral election.


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