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Pith(ier) in the Wind: Mise’ hors de scene…

Liz Garrigan and the Nashville Scene have decided to tidy up their ‘Pith in the Wind’ blog. The only writers that will regularly appear in PITH will be Garrigan, Bruce Berry, Jeff Woods, and Matt Pulle (big coup to get Pulle back), with occasional posts by ace blogster, Roger Abramson. Quite a nice line-up there.  My only real complaint is that Jim Ridley is not one of the chosen few. Ridley is buttah as far as I’m concerned.

Other than the seasonal lopping of the contributors, the PITH blogroll has been scaled way-way back. Many local blogs including this one have been expelled, cast off into blogging nether-lands. At least they left one comedy blog on da roll. In lamentation of this event (and after reading Aunt B’s much better poetic plea) I have written a bad version of perhaps the worst most famous poem* in all the world.

I THINK that I shall never jog
Upon anything quite like a blog.
A blog whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the linkage of blogrolling’s breast;
A blog that examines itself most days, 5
And for readers each day it dearly prays;
A blog that may in summer flag
life intruding is SUCH a drag;
A blog Upon whose bosom the Scene had linked;
sent a reader or two or three I think. 10
Blogs are made by fools such as we,
But only Liz Garrison can pith on me.

Tanks for the linkage memories!

*Joyce Kilmer’s Trees …shudder…



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Fish, not fishy

I look forward to a new one of these almost as much as a new Sports Illustrated (except for the one with all those pictures).    Roger, wilco…

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Arggggggggggggggggghhh – Stop with the freakin’ generalizations

If a person believed everything he/she read* and they only read conservative to right-right-wing blogs and talk shows you’d believe that liberals were illogical, america-haters, godless, semi-treasonous, responsible for the decline in American civilization as well as losing the Vietnam war, irresponsible, bad lovers, and a whole lot more, but this illogical liberal brain can’t remember any more.

What brought this on? Don Surber, a respected and genial blogger of the conservative bent, makes the following statement in a post about bloggers ‘owning’ the comments on their blog:

Of course, liberals never accept personal responsibility

good grief. Do you know all liberals, Don? Do you know me? Do you claim that Bobby Kennedy never accepted responsibility, or even .50% of all liberals? I am so sick and tired of people stating that ‘______________’ are all ANYTHING. It’s sloppy. It’s red meat to the sychophants, but little else.

And another state that a blogger ‘owns’ the comments made on his or her blog? Yeah, as a blog owner, I can delete comments, and I have on one or two occasions when the commentary was cruel. But the logical conclusion from your argument is to say a blogger is responsible for a commenter calling him ‘deranged’ and ‘irrational’. I’d leave those type of comments on my blog if the writer was talking about me, but I certainly don’t take responsibility for them. That’s why they’re called comments..commentary on the post. I know you are specifically targeting obscene and vile comments, but the ‘ownership’ implication seems to be far fetched.

*You don’t know how much I would love to believe that Hillary really did name Bigfoot as her running mate. Alas, the World News Weekly is going the way of the dodo.


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Clique-ity clack, or Ridin’ the Bozo bus

I was cool for about three minutes once when I lived in New York. Sadly that was over 30 years ago. I have a cool Keith Richards t-shirt and I know a few cool folks, but I’m about as cool as the current side of the pillow. I hear talk about blogging cliques and how people feel left out of things.

I know a lot of people in the so called Nashville blogging clique. I really like most of them, but folks, these people generally aren’t your party, seen in the Scene, Ricky Lee Jones Coolsville denizens. They are wonderful and many of them write as if they were born to the craft, but folks, there are a lot of social wallflowers in that patch. Many of us blog because we don’t really know how to say out loud what we think we know or what we know we feel. I was frankly beyond terrified the first few times I went to blogger shindigs, because I genuinely felt that THEY were all going to be Dorothy Parker or Robert Benchley (yeah, my references date me) or Cary Grants dripping bon mots as if they were to the manner borne. But guess what…most everyone I’ve met felt the same way. I think that’s one reason why we get along.

Not that all of you are social rejects are social ‘tards. It’s just the idea of a clique that cracks me up. Here’s how you get to be one of ‘us’. You blog. You show up. You say hello. You’re pretty much in like Flynn (or Flint). There are some cool bloggers around, to be sure, but one thing that makes them so cool is that they aren’t exclusionary in the least.

Music City Bloggers started because we missed the communal blogging spirit once the domain of NIT. Somebody had to start it. Those folks couldn’t wait until all 600 Nashville bloggers got together and decided what they wanted to do. Nobody asked me to join. I just did. You could have too. Maybe we didn’t do a good job of making that clear to begin with, but hey, in the words of the great Firesign Theater – we’re all just bozos on this bus.


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Linking Logs

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the new ‘Music City Bloggers‘ site. Sprung from the forehead of Zeus-ian Ivy and mid-wived by Kat Coble, the blog intends to roll the movable feast formerly gathering at NIT into a new non-media ‘privately’ run gathering. Full disclosure here: I’m part of the group and have posting rights (I’m going to work on creating the most posts without comments record). Many other local bloggers will also be able to join in the fun as well.

I haven’t seen many successful ‘group’ blogs. Some start out swimmingly, but run out of steam. Others create a ‘brand’ and a loyal following (e.g. SixMeatBuffet) and manage to paddle upstream, full speed ahead. I am optimistic about this endeavor. Ivy has the passion and she has a good ‘freaks and geeks’ crew to bring this baby screaming and kicking into the blog-a-teria.

WKRN should be given credit for allowing NIT to flourish and for hiring Brittney to make it not only work but to blow up (in the positive semi-recent slang meaning of the words). It doesn’t appear that they really have the heart and/or inclination to continue in the same vein, but I could be wrong. Meanwhile, Music City Bloggers is channeling Pink…let’s get the party re-started.

We hope to avoid the clique, but we can’t totally control perception. Hopefully, the gumbo will be spicy.

On another front, my friend Emily is pimping pushing the ‘About Nashville‘ site which looks to me to be a great complement to Music City Bloggers and Metroblogging.

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Don’t want to be meal-y mouthed here, 5 places I like to eat..

I”m IT! Couldn’t get away from the Newscoma tag*. Name five places you like to eat at your location.

Man, I love to find places to eat around town, so five is too low of a number..I’ll try to keep it down (the number, not my food).

1. Alleycats – best enchiladas in N’ville. Great patio. Funky vibe.

2. Mothership BBQ – of course this is on my list. I know the owner. I know lots of the clientele, but truth is, if the pulled pork wasn’t all that good, all the love in the world wouldn’t influence me to drive into the heart of Berry Hill. I eat LOTS of BBQ. This is the best pulled pork in Nashville.

3. Nola’s – love those chavitas sandwiches. Alexia, the chef, is passionate about her food, and enjoys chatting with the diners.

4. Samurai Sushi – sushi Nirvana. Funky hole-in-the-wall on Elliston Place make sushi magic. The Choo Choo Roll is a work of art.

5. Peter’s Sushi – out in B’wood, but worth the drive. In the expert opinions of my wife and I (we eat a LOT of sushi), Peter has caught up with Mr. Choo at Samurai Sushi, almost.

6. Greek Touch – in the arcade. You will not eat better spanokopita in the area unless you’re married to Chris Clark or Demetria K. Bill and Linda are entertaining behind the counter. Great souvlaki also.

7. Cafe Marche’ – best brunch in Nashville at prices a non-rich person can afford. Plus the place is damn good. Even their oatmeal rocks, and I’m not kidding. Best omelets around.

I’m tagging Busymom (I wanna hear where she eats around work) and Suburban Turmoil (the best rivalry in soccer mommy-hood, ever). This is part of my ‘secret’ strategy to have top-notch bloggers stoop to my level.

*There is a big long list of where this tag comes from on Newscoma’s link above. But, it is Sunday and I’m toooo lazy to type all those links.


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The gospel according to John…

From a recently discovered manuscript – The Dead Sea Blog..

And they came to Him, wanting new rules. Even though their own rules, such as zero tolerance, three strikes – life sentence, and councilmanic courtesy really hadn’t worked out all that well, some people just flat need rules. So He said, ‘ok, if ya gotta have rules, here you go: love the divine spark, the thing that makes you special and love your neighbor as much as you love yourself. Now go away and live by those rules”. Some wanted more and others wanted details of the first two, because there have been OCD folks around since the mastodons, and sure enough they couldn’t leave well enough alone and they popped back to the mountain top where He was attempting to rest. ‘Sir, who really IS my neighbor. I have two people on either side of my house that are hard to get along with, but I suppose I could learn to love them, but thank YOU for not saying I had to actually like the bastards vexing next-door folks.

So instead of trying to delineate each and every neighbor, He decided to tell a story. Some of the members groaned because they didn’t really GET the stories, but mostly the groaners were asked to keep the noise to themselves, and so the story began.

“You’re driving down an abandoned stretch of highway in your car when it starts to make a funny noise, a kind of ungodly clanking and then steam starts to pour out from under the hood. Oh yeah, it’s late at night. You pull over, and try to act like you know what you’re doing as you raise the hood and peer somewhat knowingly into the abyss of the modern engine. You realize you’re stuck. You’re in one of those dead spots where cell phones don’t work, and you realize you need to rely on the kindness of strangers..random pass-bys, random truckers, random bikers, and random old farts with their blinkers endlessly doing their job as they disappear from sight.

A church van approaches. You feel relief. These guys will stop, surely. They whiz by…this is a dangerous stretch and you NEVER know who is faking a car problem so they can conk you on the head and steal your purse. A church bus approaches loaded with golden agers returning from a retreat. Come on, they’ve GOT to stop, but of course they don’t. They’re scared. And then comes a tricked out Dodge Charger. It’s got NRA stickers, Pro-war stickers, George Bush stickers, skeleton stickers, and a big fat Don’t mess with Rednecks banner in the back window. Naturally they stop and give you a ride to your house and make sure you get inside safely, and they call AAA for you when you get to a place where the cell phones work, and it is of the good.

As the story ends, confusion reigns. “I don’t even know any rednecks or really very many Republicans…how can they be my neighbor?”. “Don’t eeeeeeven start”, He says and walked off down the mountain.

All of us have something to offer. We don’t need to be patronized or converted via blog comments. I’m not trash. Neither are my friends. We disagree, we agree, we don’t care, we swear, and we move on. We spout off and on. We’re neighbors.


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