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Great-on Beach, or my wife may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night..

Other than ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’, Nirvana is often achieved with two beach chairs, an umbrella, an ocean (or gulf), a good book, a cool breeze and someone special with which to share the aforementioned items.  Thanks to intelligent design of Grayton Beach (lotsa dunes and beautiful beach), the moon (for the tides), and ‘The Good Fairies of New York‘ (way too funny) and a wonderful wife, nirvana visited a time or two over the weekend.

Speaking of the wife, we were tooling around greater Grayton in the car and about a block in front of us a comely lass (ok she had on a bikini top, a skirt that wouldn’t be legal in Utah, and legs bordering on Heidi Klum-age) walking a chocolate lab.  I ogled a second or two and said, ‘Man, that’s a beautiful……dog’.   Lynn responded, ‘you are so completely full of shit’.



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