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Vote!! Karl Dean for Nashville

Please don’t forget to vote today.   I truly believe that a vote for Karl Dean is a vote to continue the wonderful tradition of Bredesen and Purcell as forward-thinking clear-minded mayors.

Megan Barry and Jerry Maynard also deserve your vote.

Thanks for voting!!



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What S-townMike said – Freda for the 19th

The political fortunes for those of us in the 19th district of Davidson County are going, in the words of the fabled cliche, from famine to feast. We’ve been under-represented by our current city councilman Ludye ‘cris’ Wallace for the past few seasons (honestly, I’m being kind with the hyphenated ‘under-represented’).

Ludye’s time is up, thanks to term limits. Normally, I’m not a fan of term limits (except for executive positions), but honestly, for once I’m grateful for this non-democratic law. We have a wonderful panel of candidates to choose from this year, including three very strong contenders, each of whom would serve our district well.

As impressed as I am with Erica Gilmore and David Shaw, I will be voting for Freda Player for basically the same reasons outlined in this ‘Enclave’ post by Mike. Freda has worked the neighborhoods and listened well. She understands our issues and has the capacity, energy, and political savvy to work the council.

Many of us in the Salemtown/Germantown area were impressed when all five candidates appeared at a recent forum both neighborhoods jointly sponsored. No matter who wins this race, our neighborhoods will be represented and heard. I appreciate the time, effort and spirit that each candidate has poured into this campaign.


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Showin’ up in Salemtown – Exton, Gilmore and Player

In August, we will have lived in Salemtown for three years. The Salemtown Neighbors Association has been in place nearly that long. Our city councilman, Ludye Wallace, has not attended any of our meetings. Our city councilman, Ludye Wallace, has not returned phone calls or answered our e-mails. It took a contingency of ‘Neighbors’ attending a council meeting public hearing for Ludye to respond to our pleas on a recent zoning issue.

It shouldn’t be that hard. I’ve seen Ludye in our neighborhood exactly once. Perhaps if I lived near 1000 Buchanan Street, I might see him a little more often.

Last night our association held its monthly meeting. I do know it’s election season, but I was impressed that two of the candidates for District 19 (our council district) along with a candidate for Metro-Council-at-Large showed up. We are not a large group, but we do make noise. Candidates Erica Gilmore and Freda Player showed more interest in our association in one hour than we have received in two years from our current councilman, and color me naive, I don’t think that interest will evaporate once the election is completed.

I was also pleased that candidate Richard Exton made an appearance. He’s running county-wide, and our neighborhood is a relatively small slice of the pie.

All three candidates made a short plea for votes during the meeting, but I was far more impressed with the conversation after the meeting and the fact that they hung around, no glancing lustily at the exits.

Ludye has promised us a community meeting. If it occurs, I’ll be grateful. Just showing up can’t be all that hard.


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