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Son of ‘Attention Red Sox Fans!’

One and one half games out.  Sox folding like laundry.  Gagne is gagging.  Papelbon went Papel-gone last night.  The game is so on.   You KNOW you are afraid.  Enjoy your day off…heheheh.



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Paradise by the dashboard light..

No, I’m not referring to my anniversary evening, nice as that was.  When Meatloaf was looking for THE baseball voice to perform the role of the baseball announcer in the middle of his classic hit (the subject line of this post), he chose a voice familiar to every Yankee fan and millions of others: Phil Rizzuto.

Phil later said he had no idea what the song was REALLY about, and I don’t doubt him for a minute.  When I lived in New York, I probably listened to parts of more than two hundred games.  The Hall of Fame former shortstop of the Yankees back in the days of Dimaggio, was unassuming and totally himself.  His worst insult was to call somebody a ‘huckleberry’.   He loved his Yankees and was an unabashed ‘homer’.  His devotion to family and the realization that baseball was just a game were always refreshing, as was his candor about his own shortcomings.   Listening to Rizutto was like listening to one of your uncles who happened to know a lot about baseball.

I hadn’t heard his voice in years when I found out that he had passed away.  I’m an unabashed Yankee fan, and a bit of a ‘homer’ myself.   My thanks to Phil for being one of us, for living his life the same way he played shortstop – gracefully.


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I’m not giving up yet, but the Yankee doodlers are less than dandy..

A few posts ago, after a 9-games Yankee winning streak, I crowed that that Red Sox nation better be watching their back because the Yankees were on the march.  I was certain that the addition of Clemens would add more fuel to the fire and that the Yankee surge was inevitable.  Apparently I should have kept my mouth shut.   A trip to Colorado where the Yankees scored 41 runs in three games last year produced 5 runs and three losses.  Post-Denver, Yankee play has been as inspired as a dry omelet.

Clemens is pitching his age.  Abreu’s power continues to dwindle.  Mike Mussina should change the first vowel in his last name to ‘e’.   Johnny Damon is a shadow of his former Red-Sox-self.   I’m not giving up. I’m not saying uncle.   I’m just saying that maybe just maybe a team that plays Cairo at first base might not be a team that is going to catch Boston this year.

There’s always the wild card….sigh.

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Attention New York Yankee haters…ya Bawston fans

‘We’re’ COMING to get you.  That 14 1/2 games we WERE behind has a familiar ring.  Anybody here remember 1978 (ok..anybody here READ about 1978?)?.

Abreu is waking up, A-Rod is walking/homering amongst the baseball gods, and Roger will GLARE YOU DOWN.

Those games against the Sawx in August are gonna be fun, and believe me, are gonna be painful for the blood-colored Sox types.


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