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The daughter speaks..(her monthly blogpost has arrived)

The daughter, as a lot of you know, is in Peru. My wife recently returned from a visit with the daughter filled with the luxury of a great visit. The daughter is really an adult, but as you parents know, they’re always your kids, and that emotion you feel may not really be labelled ‘worry’, but the concern is always present, especially when the kid is half a world away living in a house with dirt floors with little running water. Other than the obvious prayers and wishes for her good health and safety, I want her to find meaning and discover her passion.

This excerpt from her all-too-rarely updated blog* gives me great hope…

This is the part that I find amazing. More then half the time the principal cancels the class due to lack of organization. The kids refuse to leave. They tell me to come anyways, and they sit in their desks, in a now empty school waiting for their english class. I love these kids so much. I don’t know what happens but once I enter the classroom, I just feel like I am in my element, like everything in the world makes sense. I love teaching them, and seeing their smiling faces, and trying to talk to the really shy ones. It just feels real.

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erin in cafe

*i’m channeling my inner-jewish-mother



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