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Where in the world?, or, THREE big chances to win

I realize, once again, that the ‘Where was this picture taken?’ is supposed to be Metroblogging turf, but sometimes I can’t help myself. I’ve posted the first set of pictures before, and no one, repeat, no one got the location of the pic. I took some more snaps today of the same locale, this time with my digital camera. The first person who can give me a street name of ANY one of the three sets of pics wins a complete, full, 3 course* meal from the Mothership.

Set 1 (pics are way too big and I’m cheesed because I can’t upload them here)

Update: HINT – look at the pics thru the SNAP pop-up rather than attempting to download…sloooow.  Click on the SNAP window!

house on a hill2

Set 2:

not on a hill

house not on a hill

Set 3:
another house on a hill


All pictures guaranteed to be in the Nashville area.

*3 courses: bbq, crack n’ cheese, beverage

UPDATE: Sunday night, 8:33. We have a winner. Ceeelcee has the correct answer for the third set. BUT, I want to keep the contest going…so, no repeat winners, but I’m buying at the Mothership if anyone can figure out where the first or second set of pics is located.

If I’m not mistaken, Ceeelcee is giving up cursing and meat for the Lenten season, so, he’ll have to watch his language unless he wants to wait until after Easter to claim his BBQ prize, OR, he gets lots of crack n’ cheese!



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