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A public service for the ‘Rep’ (and Say Uncle)

Dear Representative Campfield:

Your link to the gun-loving Say Uncle is listed as “SAYS Uncle”. If you think about it, the meaning is entirely different. Maybe you are saying Uncle, but I’m thinking out of respect for this popular and engaging blogger, you should at least get the damn dang name right!

Yours truly – state employee 06272

Update: I’ve been informed by ACK that ‘Say Uncle’s” URL is actually SAYSUNCLE*, so even my sadly underwhelming attempt to HELP the Rep has gone awry. I’m sure there’s a story somewhere, but ‘Say Uncle’ makes a lot more sense to me, esp. since HE’s got all the guns.

*My powers of observation are pathetic sometimes, considering I’ve only looked at ‘Uncle’s’ blog about 350 times.



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Sista Smiff gets a faux job, or, The Health Department just get healthier…

Speaking in my capacity as a private citizen who is employed by the State Department of Health, I’d like to welcome the Sista into the fold. Sista will be working in a office here in Nashville, but sadly not in my building. The state’s lucky to have her.

I spoke with one of her lucky employers already today and told her not to say anything too newsworthy…unless she WANTS it to be in Sista’s blog!


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