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Veni, Vidi, Wiki (I came, I saw, I made up some shit…)

You may have heard by now that the Wikipedia folks are revving up their own search engine. I’m guessing the Seigenthaler family isn’t all that excited (was John Seigenthaler’s grand-dad REALLY John Wilkes Booth?), but rest assured that everyone will soon know who the coolest person residing on 5th Avenue whose name doesn’t start with a ‘K’…(sorry S-town…).



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Finally, he said snidely, twisting the tips of his moustache…anti-gravity is MINE!

It involves cats and butter.…genius, I tellya, genius.

Thanks to ‘Blowing Sh*t Up with Gas

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Tales of Arcadia..eating lunch at the downtown arcade


Seen today while eating ‘outside’ in the Arcade…

Someone wearing a very tight t-shirt with these words emblazoned in large font:


Sorry, 0 for 2.

Someone wearing a baggy t-shirt with the phrase:

I wanna talk about Meeeeeeee.

There’s a reason you are walking BY YOURSELF.

A woman wearing a full chador, including burka.

Don’t those come in anything besides basic black? I know black is a good color for most folks, but I gotta think that in the summer months one would be sweltering in all black.


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Ophelia, you’re breaking my head, you’re shaking our confidence daily

Recently, in what is now a well-known episode, State Senator Ophelia Ford goes into goofy-land in a speech to representatives of the Department of Children’s Services. The issue at hand was regarding a DCS investigation and had NOTHING to do with death certificates.

If you havn’t seen Senator Ophelia Ford’s 19th nervous breakdown, go HERE

According to a Sharon Cobb post, Senator Ford says she hasn’t been feeling well but that there was nothing strange about her statements at Monday’s Department of Children’s Services hearing.

Here’s my advice, and it comes at some sacrifice*. Use some of that state surplus money each of you Senators are to receive, and hire yourself a psychologically certified ‘normal’ human with an enlightened sense of ‘strange’. Equip the ‘strange’ monitor with some sort of buzzer system. Every-time you go into bizarre-land, your monitor will quickly assess the situation and will press a button which will transmit a small shock somewhere on your person. Each subsequent shock will be slightly juicier until you either become incapacitated or totally cured via the miracle of shock therapy.

Seriously, if you don’t think this behavior is strange, you have reached new levels of ‘Ford-esque’ mal-behavior, and believe me, the bar was already set pretty high by the man you replaced in office.

*I was really hoping you ‘guys’ could use some of that surplus for a meager raise for us state employees.


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I get by with a little help from my ex, or the Heather Mills effect..

According to THIS story about divorce proceedings on a UK website, Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney’s ex, is asking for the equivalent of $20,000 per DAY so she can get by.   I know she was a model, but was she eking by on that amount of money before she met the Beatle?

Outside of Pacman Jones and his ilk, I’m not sure how you SPEND twenty thousand a day.  The really tacky thing to say here is that one wonders if she doesn’t get the money for which she is asking, will she be left out on a limb, but I’d never say that*.  I’ve got way too much taste.

*I’d also never say that her case doesn’t have a leg to stand on. No WAY I’d say that.


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The sun is shining, the streets are dry…

and public school teachers and kids are deliriously happy because SCHOOL is OUT. HUH????*

I must be missing something…here’s the quote from Metro Officials:

Metro schools are closed today due to inclement weather

*I do want my wonderful wife to be happy, but geeze loueeze, THIS day off is RI-DIC-U-LOUS.


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God moves in mysterious ways, or, no more rain, the fire next time

If this had happened once or twice (a little more thoroughly) when I was going to church as a kid, any whiff of agnosticism I might have had would have been dispelled.

Stolen* completely from Thomas, at Ihajj.

*Sorry about that 8th commandment, Thomas.

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