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I had a dream, along with FEARLESS Idol predictions..

I won’t belabor my illness any further, at least beyond this post, but I’m asking any of you who watched American Idol last night (I THINK I did):

Did Frederico Fellini take over the contest and somehow make Sanjaya’s head look like something out of a bad Patti Labelle hair look-a-like contest? I may have been delirious what with the meds I’m taking, so even though I know that nothing at this point could get Sanjaya voted off of this stupid show, I am pretty sure I was hallucinating, right??

I’m pretty sure I was dreaming because Idol seemed to showcase an artist from the 21st century, an oddly demure Gwen Stephani, who actually seemed to give people pretty decent advice, which was also seemingly ignored. Couldn’t they find Billy Ocean or Billy Idol or Pablo Cruise?

Anyway, I was fully awake to hear Haley butcher a great Cindie Lauper tune, and to hear Chris ‘I may be going home tonight’ Sligh miss pretty much every possible beat on the Police chestnut, ‘Every Little Thing’, with the key word being TRAGIC instead of MAGIC.

Melinda is a better ballad/torch singer than an uptempo singer, but even with that fact, Jack, she still stood out, towering over the rest with a great rendition of Donna Summer’s ‘Heaven Knows’.

The singer pulling up on the outside of the track is Gina..she did the Pretenders well last night, and I think she deserves to stick around for a while, that is, if the carnival of the absurd doesn’t make peacock-head Sanjaya the ‘la dolce voca’ of American idolatry.

Finally, IRON-CLAD PREDICTION: Either Chris Sligh or Haley will go tonight. Sanjaya is safe for another day and another whack. Where’s David Copperfield when you need him?



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A-pop-o-lips now, or why wait until 7:00 PM

The Dallas ‘artist’ known as Kurtz* (or the artist formerly and still known as Prince-tentious**) is going to present an art show based on the last three hours of Anna Nicole Smith’s life. The event will appropriately be held at “JRs Bar and Grill (3923 Cedar Springs in Dallas if you wanna attend).
ANS lives on, well if only for three hours.

Please, dear God, will JR’s bar and grill next show be velvet renditions of the last three hours of Elvis??

*Mr. Kurtz, she dead….

**”What I’m trying to say is, ‘Look at this. You want fame? Then buy it now because in three hours, it will all be gone,’” he says. “In a way, the show will resemble the last three hours of her life. She didn’t know when she was going to pass away and not until the end of this show, will you know which paintings will live and which will die.”

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I get by with a little help from my ex, or the Heather Mills effect..

According to THIS story about divorce proceedings on a UK website, Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney’s ex, is asking for the equivalent of $20,000 per DAY so she can get by.   I know she was a model, but was she eking by on that amount of money before she met the Beatle?

Outside of Pacman Jones and his ilk, I’m not sure how you SPEND twenty thousand a day.  The really tacky thing to say here is that one wonders if she doesn’t get the money for which she is asking, will she be left out on a limb, but I’d never say that*.  I’ve got way too much taste.

*I’d also never say that her case doesn’t have a leg to stand on. No WAY I’d say that.


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