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Salem’s Lots Hijacked!

While John is in the bathroom having a naked men party (hey-it’s cool, we’re at the Mothership), the 2 lovliest ladies in Nashville have hijacked Salem’s Lots. No, it’s not Kate O and Brittney, silly! It’s Ginger and Ivy!

John is now listing words we are not allowed to say. Amongst them are the “c” word, the “f” word, and of course, because John is a big, pansy liberal, we can’t say the “n” word. Which is fine with us. What we were surprised to hear we weren’t allowed to say is “Puff, the Magic Dragon”, because it always makes John cry!

We discovered Ginger can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue in less than 5 seconds. Pretty impressive, eh? We discovered Ivy can put her entire fist into her mouth. No, seriously. We can. A great team, are we not? Aren’t you sorry you didn’t come out to the Mothership today?

Well, now that John is laying on the floor after having a massive coronary because he witnessed these 2 feats, we must go. But keep on the lookout for other blogs we may hijack in the future. You never know what might happen.



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