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Stay out of MY inner-tubes, or, WHERE has that robot been, anyway?

I’m no stranger to the colonoscopal experience, given my personal and family history, and I’ve often wondered if there is another way, so to speak, that is more than virtual, but less than what I’ve gone through more times than I’d like to admit. So, when I read about robot colonoscopies, my interest was piqued. But when I read the following…

researchers are developing self-propelling probes that crawl inside the colon and grip its sides with the aid of sticky films.

the old school colonoscopy didn’t seem so horrid. The movie Alien was scary enough with aliens popping OUT..don’t think I want em’ crawling in, thank you very much.


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Where in Nashville? (now with MORE clues)

I’ve posted this picture three times already, and so far no one come up with a location. So, I’m adding CLUES!house not on a hll2b

This house is on the same side of the river as ‘The Family Wash’. This house is 5.1 DRIVING miles from St. Joseph’s.

If you can show me a picture of the house you’ve taken, or enter the correct street in the comment field, and you are the first to do so, you win the fabulous prize. Prize, as always, is a COMPLETE meal at ‘Mothership BBQ‘*

*Please, Jim, keep the ‘ship open…


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Where in Nashville – Part III

I posted this one before as well, before I realized I could re-size pics in WordPress (d’oh!). Previous winners (Ceeelcee and my son, Josh, who despite innuendo from certain circles did not win the contest based on nepotism) may guess the location but are not eligible to win until July 1, 2007 when the new state fiscal year begins.

not on a hill

As always, the first person to identify the house by either giving me a street name or submitting their own pic of the house will win a complete full-course meal from Mothership bbq, courtesy of ME.

The only hint for this one: the house IS in Davidson County.

Update:: ok, a better hint – This house is 4.25 driving miles from the Germantown Cafe at 5th and Madison. 


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We have a winner!

The ‘Where in Nashville’ house in the post immediately below this one has been identified.  I had to prompt the person who won with an email pimping my blog, but I knew this person would not give up until he figured it out.

The winner is my brainiac son, Josh. He is a bulldog when it comes to competition and figuring things out. He went to the topographical maps and did some math based on the hints in the comments below the post, and voila, late this afternoon, I got a pix text on my phone of the house which is on…

35th and Clare Avenue…high above the TSU campus (south of the campus).

35th and clare

Let me quickly add that the math and engineering brainiac-ness did not come from his father. I taught him a few things, but I’m not a math-head a’tall. Josh is an engineering tech at a private waste water disposal and design company. The company is damn lucky to have him as an employee.

He’s doing quite well, not needing the free meal, but he is certainly due the winning prize, and I’m more than happy to bring another member of my family to the Mothership.

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Where in Nashville – Third time (isn’t it charming?)?

Ok, this is the third time I’ve put this picture up. I’ve offered a fabulous full-course meal from Mothership (including iced tea) for anyone who can tell me the location of the house in this pic.

Clues: It is in Davidson county. It is on a hill. Great view on this hill. It’s not in the greater Green Hills area. It’s south of Madison. That’s as far as I’m going to go.

Do you know where - Part III

I particularly like the initial on the chimney. Apologies again to the folks at Metroblogging for stealing their idea.


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