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Oil would be well if it ended well, but oils not well..or a bigHola to Burton comes up dry

In another case of YOUR tax dollars at work, the LA Times reports here that oil production in Iraq is still lower than in the pre-war days, and that future oil production has been seriously harmed thanks to bungling by Halliburton and KBR.

Is this the case of the gang that couldn’t drill straight????

My favorite is the $70,000,000 given to KBR for building pipelines that were only half completed forcing the Iraqis to pump the oil back into the freaking ground.


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The Tennessean got our name right!!

In today’s North Davidson section of the Tennessean that actually contained North Nashville coverage in three pages out of eight, Nancy Deville wrote a story about the new brownstone development in our neighborhood and she actually got our neighborhood name right – Salemtown. We’ve apparently graduated from being in ‘the Germantown area’.

The City Paper managed to break the new development story about a month ago, but they also managed to tar the neighborhood as somewhat squalid and aluminum sided, with the caveat that the new development would lift Salemtown from its seediness. Needless to say, Salemtown bloggers didn’t care for the characterization –S-TownMike’s take and my own weigh-in.

The Tennessean piece didn’t paint the new development and developers as saviors of a drowning neighborhood, so, even though they came to the story late, a tip of the hat to Ms. Deville.

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Tennessee Rubes – What the Gas Guy really thinks..

I blog-strolled over to the Gas Guy’s alter ego blog earlier tonight and happened to read his post on the Stones, along with a few of the comments..this one by The Gas Guy aka Evil Jeremy caught my eye:

You guys can, as consolation, all feel special that you know the answer to the Riddle of Gas and a bunch of poor rubes in the Volunteer State do not.

The Gas Guy is snickering with his pals who were in on the joke.

Turns out he really is a Gaseous guy…


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Reaching out to my Republican friends

Are you lonely? Do you need a date? Are you having trouble meeting people who don’t start foaming at the mouth when they hear the name Bush? This site is an answered prayer.

Thanks to MSNBC.


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If you’re not watching Veronica Mars…

you are missing one of the best shows on TV. Kristin Bell, the actress who plays Veronica, may be 25 but she plays 17 quite well.

The writers know how to work a story arc over the course of a season without sacrificing the ‘watchability’ of individual episodes (check out Season 1 on DVD whenever it comes out and you’ll see). Veronica is a sleuthing daughter of a private detective who manages to walk the thin line between the cool crowd and the dweebs and somehow masters the domain without really fitting in anywhere.

TV gets high school, maybe because many of the writers are mentally still in high school. TV doesn’t do college well – witness any number of shows that centered on high school (Beverly Hills 90210, Dawson’s Creek, Buffy) that were decent to good while the kids were in high school, but just totally sucked rocks when the kids went to college.

Veronica M. is as good as any of the aforementioned shows, imo. Kristin B is a star and has now replaced Sara Michelle Geller (buffy) as the ridiculously younger actor who I now I have a crush on…damn, was that my out loud voice???

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Yet another theory – Salemtown name game

My friend Gary responded to an earlier posting about the naming of Salemtown. His theory makes as much sense as any I have heard or read:

The now named American Tobacco Company, makers of snuff and stuff in plant(s) in the area of North Nashville ajoining Salemtown was originally part of the original American Tobacco Company started by James Buchanan “Buck” Duke. Buck Duke was an original robber baron, but was best know in the tobacco industry for introducing ready rolled cigarettes from his factories around Durham, Winston-Salam, and other towns in North Carolina. When he started those factories, the people in the world who knew all there was to know about cigarette machines were Greek. Thousands of Greeks had immigrated to the Norheast and were lured to North Carolina by the American Tobacco Company. Even today, there is a relatively large Greek population in mid North Carolina many of which work for big tobacco.

That all being said. Working in a tobacco factory requires more skilled tradesmen than is intuitively obvious. One wonders if Mike, in his seminal post, had the tobacco right but the reason wrong. What if Buck Duke, or others, started snuff factories in Nashville and sent a relatively large group skilled workers from North Carolina who were from the Winston-Salem area who settled in the enclave in North Nashville within walking distance of the snuff factories? What if they called their new neighborhood ‘Salemtown’ in honor of their North Carolina roots?

I’m pretty sure no witches were burned here in S-Town, and I’m now sure that the name Salemtown pre-dates the Salem church. Tobacco has played a big role in Tennessee and Nashville history, so it really wouldn’t be surprising if the name refers to cigarettes (lone wolf theory) or to a town named for a cigarette.


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North Nashville – Salem’s Lots helps out the Tennessean

I realize that I, a North End resident, may be a little bit sensitive on the following issue, but, is it too much to ask for the Tennessean to print at least one news item from North Nashville in their North Davidson edition?

I’ve included a terra-map of Nashville to help the Tennessean. The area below the ‘upside down U’ on the map is the main part of North Nashville. The eastern and northern boundary of North Nashville is the Cumberland River. The southern boundary is roughly Joe Johnston street extending out to the TSU campus on the west, and the Bicentennial Mall on the east. I know that some might quibble with these boundaries, but I don’t think anyone would argue that the Waverly-Belmont area AND Woodbine school are anywhere near North Nashville. Both Waverly-Belmont and Woodbine school are written up in today’s North Nashville edition.

As a long-time Nashville resident, I understand that Nashville geography is confusing. Much of what is commonly known as East Nashville is actually north of downtown. Old-timers know that South Nashville is roughly the Woodbine (Flat Rock for you real old-timers) area, even though the Granny White area is true south. I would have expected the Tennessean to have figured all this out by now.

I understand that the Friday edition of the Tennessean is going to cover some of the exciting new development in my neighborhood (Salemtown), thanks to S-TownMike. What I don’t get is how both S-TownMike and I had the story several weeks ago, along with the City Paper, and the Tennessean is just now getting here. Maybe they were trying to find our neighborhood but got lost in Waverly-Belmont.

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