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That’s soooo random..

 I got tagged by an East Tennessean..a guy I’d love to have a cuppa with..

1. Stealing a mantra from my friend S-townMike: It’s been 24 days since our esteemed* councilman Ludye Wallace promised to hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss zoning, etc. We’re not holding our collective breath.

2. Despite the promises by the attorney of the new owner of the Preds, I’m still very damn leery. I’d feel a lot better if the new owner actually spoke to us, or even made a local appearance.

3. Sopranos: the best family drama ever. Just happened to be about the mafia as well. I’m going to miss my Sopranos.

4. ‘Morning people’ roil my stomach. Luckily I’m married to a person who feels much the same way.

5. I’d miss Twitter if it was taken away.

6. My dad once told me that Timex watches tell you the time just as well as an expensive watch. I didn’t always listen to his advice, but he was usually right. My watches usually have the Timex logo.

7. Godspeed, Brittney. I’m going to miss your handiwork on NIT.

Oh yeah..I was tagged to mention 7 random things kinda about me by Joe Powell.

I’m tagging Lynnette , Kate O’, the soon to be vacationing, Bridgett, Wilco-loving Holly, her buddy (and mine), Emily, Paige, and the hopped-up-on-meds, Ginger.

*esteemed by the late-night poker-playing community.



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Coffee Shop downtown that’s not named Starbucks – It HASN’T been Dunn before..

I was walking back from San Antonio today (that would be the taco joint, not the Texas city) when I spotted the new coffee house that had been little more than rumor. There, at the base of the L & C tower, sits a wonderful new joint, with really fresh coffee, free wi-fi, and two internet stations (once again, FREE). Plenty of  cool artwork on the walls (local artists), and a flat panel TV in the back, if you are so inclined…

oh yeah, the name of the place: Dunn Brothers Coffee . Good vibes…Good to see the S’bucks getting a little downtown competition.

Based on one visit..I’m going back.

Note: I’m not the first blogger who noticed…

Nobody Asked answered the call.


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