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State-ing the obvious, or, grill my landlord, grill my landlord

Dining in?

Dining in?

I walk to work each morning through one of the most beautiful blocks in Nashville – 5th Avenue through Germantown between Madison and Monroe. Greenery and gardens abound. Friendly faces, hot dogs, Germantown Cafe and front porches. But then, I cross Jefferson. Take a look at the picture. This is what I see when I cross Jefferson. This is what many thousands of people see when they cross the Jefferson Street bridge into our side of town.

The blight in the picture does not stand alone. It seems that a certain landlord purchased every business between 4th and 6th on Jefferson and every business between Jefferson and Jackson (going south from Jefferson) with the intent of tearing down the existing structures and building bigger and nicer structures.

But, and this is quite a but..the businesses moved out, leaving their concrete behind, and the new owner didn’t bother to tear down the abandoned buildings..didn’t bother to clean up the lots, check to see if the buildings were being used as temporary shelter, check to see if a rodent infestation had begun, or check to see if fires started in the vacant lots by squatters might be a little dangerous.

Come on landlord..clean this up, NOW! Not just for my view, but for the fact that this blight is next to the beautiful Bi-Centennial mall, for the fact that people are now living nearby, for the fact that blight begets blight, and for the fact that by God, it’s the right thing to do.

Oh yeah..the landlord. Who is the landlord????

It’s my employer, the wonderful state of Tennessee. Come on Mr. Bredesen, come on general services and public works, take CARE of this mess. I understand (how I understand!) that we don’t have the money to build the new archives and state library and state museum slated for the purchased land, but you need to spend the money to at least level the blight and remove the unsightly and dangerous shelter for homeless who don’t need to living there.

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that there has been a rash of burglaries and car-break-ins in the last few months. Our neighborhoods and cars are tempting targets for dwellers in this sad threshold.



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And you can stay OUT of my bedroom..

Is THIS really the headline they wanted?

thanks, Deadspin 

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Italian Spiderman – what’s left to say?

Worth it for the mustache alone..

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Now Jesse had a wife, lived a lady all her life, and a step-brother named WHAT???

We watched ‘The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford‘ this morning. It’s certainly a bit more ponderous than your typical ‘Long Riders‘/’The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid‘ James bi-ops, but Brad Pitt performs handsomely as J. James, and the younger Affleck brother, Casey, is a brilliant cowardly Robert Ford. The soundtrack, chiefly by the goth-hero Nick Cave, is wonderfully moody and atmospheric.

Many of you may know this, but Jesse was uber-trendy, considering he actually moved into East Nashville way before it was cool (actually, lots of rich folks lived over there after the Civil War, but I don’t think they were all that trendy). He lived for a time at 711 Fatherland Avenue, and spent enough time in the house to produce a not-surprisingly-named son: Jesse. His neighbors didn’t know they had an infamous outlaw in their midst, because in his Nashville years Jesse was known as ‘J. D. Howard‘. Only later, after his death, did the east-siders realize that a celebrity had moved amongst them..

The movie inspired me to learn a bit more about James’ stay in our area, so I donned my research hat and did some serious intel (translate that: I googled Jesse James Nashville). As an aside, why oh why, didn’t something like Google exist in my college years? I realize that the personal computer was a concept unrealized in those days, and that computers were housed in barn-like structures, but a guy can retro-dream, right?

Anyway, I must say that not a lot is known about his actual day-to-day activities (or should I say I couldn’t find much using Google), but I did come across a rather startling fact:

Jesse and Frank James had a step-brother named Archie Peyton!! I’m beginning to understand Robert Ford a little better knowing that last fact…


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When will the writers’ strike start to effect blogs?, or, Harpo’s blues…

Seriously, I was reading this MSNBC piece on the writers’ strike and how certain celebrities were joining the picket line, and then I saw this nugget of information:

“The Oprah Winfrey Show” doesn’t employ union writers and will continue uninterrupted.

mmmmm, interesting….


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Imus in the mor-ning (why can’t Sharpton go away?)

So-called shock-jock, Don Imus is coming back. WABC has hired the aging cowboy for morning drive-time. Most of you know Imus by the stupid comment on his show about the Rutgers basketball womens’ team. It was reprehensible*, and thanks to Al Sharpton and other lynch-mobbers, Imus lost his job. He should have been censured and suspended.

On the other hand, Imus is much much more than a stupid comment. He’s cranky, often misanthropic, hypochondriac and probably the most complex, giving television personality in my lifetime. He’s colorful in the midst of oatmeal news-dolls.   If you are NOT a morning person, Imus is the perfect companion.

Now that Imus is returning, Sharpton said yesterday that Citadel (Citadel owns WABC) needs to meet with advertisers and black groups to explain how they plan to prevent the radio host’s return to “his former vile and biased behavior.”

Sharpton, one of the strongest voices calling for the shock jock’s firing, said Imus had a right to make a living and could return to radio.

“Mr. Imus has the right to make a living, but we have the right to make sure he does not come back to disrupt our living,” Sharpton said. “Particularly since these are commitments he made personally.”

WTF! Who shot the sheriff? When exactly did Sharpton get THAT power – “Imus had a right to earn a living and could return to the radio“. Wow.

And..just exactly whose life was disrupted by Imus? I wish someone WOULD disrupt that faux-crown from the furrowed mantle of the man who has apparently become the great decider. Did anybody tell Bush?

*Let’s stipulate that the comment was vile, stupid, racist and shouldn’t have been said.  Let’s also stipulate that there is more to any of us than some of the stupid things we’ve said.


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Can’t we agree on freakin’ anything?, or, oh, oh, oh, O’Reilly

The other day a few* of us noticed (and wrote) that Bill O’Reilly said something really stupid (see post below  for my take).  O’Reilly seemed surprised that black folks could run a restaurant as well as white folks.  None of the bloggers around here (including myself) want O’Reilly to lose his job.  I don’t want him to be arrested, and I certainly don’t want his speech curtailed.  If he or anyone wants to brandish a Confederate flag on his or t-shirt, they get to wear the questionable garb with impunity.

All we are saying, is give stupid a chance…that is to say, when something is said by a media figure, who has a nightly show on a prominent cable network, says something so stupid, or clearly indicative of a life white-washed, can’t we all agree that this was a stupid thing to say?

Why in God’s name, does this have to turn into a diatribe about how liberals want to curtail the free-speech rights of God-fearing Americans or about the plight of the poor poor white man.**

O’Reilly is defending himself in his usual arrogant way….’they’re after me, they’re after me.  Poor poor Bill…

The other day, Sharon Cobb wrote about the schism between voices on the left and on the right..her points were well-taken.   This O’Reilly story is a perfect example.  Instead of everyone either ignoring the story or pointing out the man’s ignorance, we start flailing each other about who is the better, more-free, American.  Sheeeesh.

*few thousand

** read the comments on Kat’s post


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