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Thank you for Nashville Is Talking. Thank you for allowing Brittney to run the most interesting ‘op-ed’ show in town. Thanks for letting us have a voice.

And to Brittney – Thanks for understanding that we have brains and don’t have to be spoon-fed. No one in your position will ever satisfy everybody. If they did, they would be the worst brand of milquetoast.

Nashville is Talking is not supposed to be ‘fair and down the middle’. It’s an op-ed collage. It’s funny, stupid, weird, cute, outrageous, thoughtful, odd, off-putting, addictive and challenging. It’s not perfect, but then again, sadly, neither am I, nor you.

If you want pablum or to only read things you disagree with, go to Fox News, or The Daily Kos. If you want to think, get mad, or laugh, stick around. Grown ups play here.

Update: 1:00 PM – Brittney says no mas.  I totally understand her reasoning, but this news makes me very sad.  Brittney is a big part of why we have a great blogging community here in Nashville.  I wish her nothing but the best.



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