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Veni, Vidi, Wiki (I came, I saw, I made up some shit…)

You may have heard by now that the Wikipedia folks are revving up their own search engine. I’m guessing the Seigenthaler family isn’t all that excited (was John Seigenthaler’s grand-dad REALLY John Wilkes Booth?), but rest assured that everyone will soon know who the coolest person residing on 5th Avenue whose name doesn’t start with a ‘K’…(sorry S-town…).



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I can’t drive 55…



but I am happy* to be 55, as of today.

On the other hand, I may spend part of the day paying a traffic ticket for driving just slightly** over 55 on I-40 heading west when I was going to Jackson a while back.

*happy as opposed to the alternative

**just slightly if defined as 140% of the speed limit.


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That’s soooo random..

 I got tagged by an East Tennessean..a guy I’d love to have a cuppa with..

1. Stealing a mantra from my friend S-townMike: It’s been 24 days since our esteemed* councilman Ludye Wallace promised to hold a neighborhood meeting to discuss zoning, etc. We’re not holding our collective breath.

2. Despite the promises by the attorney of the new owner of the Preds, I’m still very damn leery. I’d feel a lot better if the new owner actually spoke to us, or even made a local appearance.

3. Sopranos: the best family drama ever. Just happened to be about the mafia as well. I’m going to miss my Sopranos.

4. ‘Morning people’ roil my stomach. Luckily I’m married to a person who feels much the same way.

5. I’d miss Twitter if it was taken away.

6. My dad once told me that Timex watches tell you the time just as well as an expensive watch. I didn’t always listen to his advice, but he was usually right. My watches usually have the Timex logo.

7. Godspeed, Brittney. I’m going to miss your handiwork on NIT.

Oh yeah..I was tagged to mention 7 random things kinda about me by Joe Powell.

I’m tagging Lynnette , Kate O’, the soon to be vacationing, Bridgett, Wilco-loving Holly, her buddy (and mine), Emily, Paige, and the hopped-up-on-meds, Ginger.

*esteemed by the late-night poker-playing community.


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They’ve been going in and out of style, but they’re guaranteed to raise a smile…(Beatles 4-ever)

Yesterday, on my weekly Saturday afternoon jaunt to Grimey’s, I was greeted by the familiar sounds from the ALBUM pictured below (you really do need the album on this one because of the a-freaking-mazing cover). Of course, considering it was Grimey’s, they were playing a Japanese import version. but all in all, the effect was terrifically transcendental.

(More below the art…)


Ok, I’m going to be boring. I was there. Really. Before the album was officially released, WKDA (rock and roll 1240 on yer AM dial) got a promo version that they played in its entirety at midnight on whatever day they received it. I was 15 years old and owned a cheap tape recorder. I stayed up and taped every song. Soon afterwards, my family went on one of our many trips to the Smokies (we camped in Elkmont every time), and that tape player became an important part of the trip.

My parents quickly tired of Sgt Pepper, while also quickly figuring out that drugs were involved (‘I get high with a little help from my friends’ is not exactly the ‘enigma’ code). I didn’t care if they wanted to toss the tape off the side of Mt. Laconte (where I had a close encounter with a brown bear, but that’s another story..), I literally listened to the tape until it fell apart (not kidding).

If you hear Sgt. Pepper today, you still hear some wonderful tunes, clever songs, and instrumentation that holds up for the most part rather nicely. What you don’t hear is the world changing note by note by note. Nothing the Beatles did beforehand, and nothing in the realm of pop music prepared any of us for Sgt. Pepper. Not just the multi-tracking, the orchestral swells, the animal noises, the not-so-veiled references to LSD, but the whole concept..the package, the derring-do. It was a giant in-your-face to every band in the world who thought they could capture the magic.

Sgt Pepper did beget a lot of flatulence from other so-called art bands following, and the Beatles actually recorded a better album  (Revolver), but if you were alive in 1967 and you heard ‘A Day in the Life’ pastiche for the first time (through the 1,000th time), you knew the tectonic plates had shifted. The limits changed overnight.

Thanks again to John, Paul, George and Ringo. Happy 40th, Sgt. Pepper. You DID teach the band to play…


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Apparently my crystal ball was broken, or, I’m definitely a false prophet..

The Salem’s Lots Department of Accountability informs me that I need to come clean about some predictions I made a few weeks ago. It seems that I fearlessly predicted that Florida would NOT repeat as the NCAA Men’s basketball champions. D’oh!

On the other hand, I’m still sticking to my prediction that Michael Silence will mention Fred Thompson at least 12,500 times before next November.


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Just as I am, or, waiting on that Fred Thompson altar call..

First of all, does James Dobson not have anybody in his organization that can take the man behind closed doors and testify:


I say that based on what I first picked up in Krumm-ville about Dobson claiming that Fred ‘Gasm’ Thompson isn’t a Christian in the particular Christian ghetto currently sheltering the ‘world leader pretend’. Apparently sycophants-r’-us supplies Mr. D with his aides-d-camp.

I kind of like old Fred. He’s an honest plain-spoken man who seems to be enjoying his flirtation with the elephant race that seems like it started about three minutes after the last election. Part of his appeal right now is that he is not the other guys and doesn’t have to stake out any positions or say much of anything other than dispensing judicial folk-medicine on a weekly basis on Law and Order.

All of that is to say I noticed something extremely interesting in the defense proffered by Thompson’s spokesman after Dobson’s dictum.

“Thompson is indeed a Christian,” he said. “He was baptized into the Church of Christ.”

Considering that I am a product of the church of Christ for lo, many many many years, I’ve got insight that all you non-saved heathens* might not understand.

Being baptized in the traditional church of Christ (I think things have changed in many C of C’s.) back in the day was one scary experience for most of us. The culmination of the experience was walking the aisle up to the front of the auditorium with everybody staring and then being immersed after donning a gown suitable for the occasion.

But, this was, as I said, the culmination. The C of C doesn’t believe in infant baptism. Nope…you gotta choose it yourself when you reach the mysterious ‘age of accountability**’. That magical age may be reached at age 9 for the really precocious bible -snappers or as late as age 16 for someone who really really didn’t like being pressured.

After you are deemed to have reached the age of accountability, the older women who gave you candy during the pre-accountible years are suddenly giving you ‘those looks’ during the invitation song that occurs after every freaking sermon. If you were unlucky enough to be trapped after the service by one of these drive-by biddies, you were implored to consider the consequences of not heeding the call***.

As the age of accountibility grew long in the tooth and the call went unanswered, the looks, the stares, the admonishments, and those horrid gospel meetings stretched endlessly until every waking church-related moment seemed to be a movie where the protagonist is trapped in one of those houses where the doors have been hermetically sealed and every creak is as ominous as a scream in the basement.

Needless to say, I caved. I did want to do the ‘right thing’, so I made a pact with several of my teenage-lifeboat crew..we’d all go down the aisle together. Luckily for me, a meteor did not tear into the roof of the church setting me and my fellow procrastinators ablaze before we made the necessary vow.

All of this is to say, that you get a LOT of attention BEFORE you make that committed walk down the aisle. Once you’ve made the leap, you get the smiles and the warmth, but you are no longer a point of focus. The church brigade now has other fish to de-bone.

I don’t know if it’s going to take the 15th verse of ‘Just as I Am’ for Fred to come strolling down the aisle, but I do know that if Fred’s C of C life was anything like mine, the pressure he is feeling now is certainly reminiscent of an earlier day.

You want to do what is right, but you just have to wonder if there’s not a better way to do it….you know what I mean?

One thing that Thompson’s spokesman may not realize is that the C of C doesn’t really believed in the ‘once saved, always saved’ doctrine. You can screw the pooch and drop out of the salvation bucket. Of course, you can always go forward again…but, I think we’ve already covered that one.

*uh, that would be some church of Christ sarcasm. There’s an old chestnut of a joke that when St. Peter is giving the tour of heaven to the newly inducted that he asks them to be quiet and tip-toe when they pass a certain room. When asked why, he explains that the room is for the church of Christ folks, and he doesn’t want to spoil their illusion that they are the only ones who made it.
I suspect that there is a similiar Southern Baptist joke.

**That may be a protected trademark phrase..not sure.. Sorry if I’ve infringed on anything.

***Not heeeding the call could possible mean perishing in an untimely fiery car wreck, the flames of which could be a foreshadowing of the heat to come. Or, God could choose to end the world while you were looking at that copy of Playboy you had stashed under your mattress and THEN where would you be??.


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I used to hate being sick because..

well, number 1…being sick is not a whole lot of fun, especially when you are really really sick and having to spend time in the hospital.

Another obvious reason is that one is not feeling good enough to enjoy any good thing that may be passing you in the street of life, and then there’s the work thing.  I love my job.  When I go back there after missing a day or two (i’m up to two days now), it feels overwhelming…everyone is in the middle of some project or meeting that i should supposedly be up on, but now it just feels like one of those dreams where things keep happening and you just can’t ‘get there’.

On top of all this, is the blog thing.  The blog world revolves a couple of times around, and you miss a cycle or two, and whatinttheworld is everyone talking about.  I’d like to stay upright and read about it, but the world is starting to spin again and the stomach is making fun of my up-right-ness again.    I just hope I didn’t pass this on to anyone I can into contact with over the last 48 hours………later.


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