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Non-smokers liberation act begins today


And although this probably makes me extremely unpopular with smokers, libertarians and some curmudgeons, I’m grateful, along with most of the 73% of the adult Tennessee population that does NOT smoke. I’m tired of second hand smoke. I’m sick of the invisible barriers between smokers and non-smokers in most of the restaurants I enjoy.

If you wanna smoke, you got the great outdoors (mostly) and over-21 joints…get to be over 21, go to the Goldrush, kill yourself slowly…it’s your life, but now my life doesn’t have be affected by it.

For what it’s worth, the Tennessee Department of Health is beginning to roll out a program that will help you stop smoking, including the use of Chantix (the rx with the best quit rate EVER). Most Health Department clinics across the state will be up and running with the campaign by November.

Just breathe….



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One brief shining moment, or, walking the walk..

If you watch the NCAA men’s championship game each year on CBS, you know that they feature highlights of the tournament at the end of the broadcast, with the Luther Vandross song ‘One Shining Moment’ playing under the hoop-lights. Vandy got a lot of face-time in this year’s revue, including the heart-breaking game-winning shot by Georgetown to send the Commodores home. The only good news about this cruel reminder is that Green (the guy who hit the winning shot) is shown to have clearly walked, just like ‘we’ knew he did. Of course I’m totally over the loss*..

You-tube won’t let me embed this…watch the last 15 seconds to see the double pivot walk….THANKS ya blind bastid refs.

*If totally over the loss can be defined as shrinking the bitterness to merely heart-size.


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Pacman, Pacman, Pacman

We need to make sure that the story is investigated. The Titans need to make sure that Minxx nightclub owner Robert Susnar doesn’t have some vendetta against Pacman Jones and is making the following story up:

Jones tossed hundreds of $1 bills on the stripper stage, Susnar said, adding that when a dancer started grabbing the money without Jones’ permission, he got angry, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the stage.

What the Titans don’t need to do is wait on a trial or for criminal charges to be made. The Titans should employ due diligence and investigate the hell out of this story. They need to peruse any video that is available and question relevant witnesses. If Pacman Jones actually banged a woman’s head on the stage, then Pacman Jones shouldn’t be allowed to put on a Titan’s uniform ever again.

If this story is true it doesn’t matter if one of Pac’s posse shot those security guards. Of course it matters legally and if Pacman is implicated in the shooting he should be charged legally. But, it shouldn’t take the shooting to get Pac booted out of Titan-ville. One head bang on the stage is quite enough, thank you.

If the story is true, we better not be hearing any Pacman apologetics from Coach Fisher or any of the front office. Let him play in Oakland…they relish their hooligans out there. If it is true, GOOD RIDDANCE.


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The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on, he took a face from the ancient gallery and he walked on into Paris Hilton’s party, or, we don’t get too many goats, monkeys, naked women on glass beds and Kiss midget bands around here…

From the Sports Guy’s diary of the NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas:

Paris Hilton’s birthday party on Saturday night featured a goat, a monkey, a naked woman on a bed of glass and the Kiss midget band. I think this exact scenario appears in the scripture passage about Armageddon.

I did resolve in my theoretically idiot-proof, easy-to-keep New Year’s half-ass resolutions that the P.H. name would not be spoken again. Sorry, I couldn’t hep myself.

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what, whale meat again?, or, WARNING

gas mask4th floor men’s room, north end of Cordell Hull Building, ventilation.not.working., for the love of all that is edible, please send oxygen.

thank you for your time and attention


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