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Is putting this on your license plate all that smart?




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Lambs dine with Lions, Bloods embrace Crips, Cumberland no longer polluted – it’s Fred-gasm-tastic..

What was that sound you didn’t hear..the world is not ending..the healing has begun? Soft pattern of rain falling on our parched city? The grip of poverty growing weaker on the less privileged? Oil crisis over..prices for gas plummeting? America gasps….heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres Fredddddddddddd.

Actually, I like Fred T*. I do believe he’s sincere, but the truth is, he’s a lot sexier when he’s on the sidelines, pronouncing, observing, nodding sagely in the direction of the noise. Now that he appears to be actually within a few feet of RUNNING, some of the fervor, some of the facade will begin to show cracks. His wisdom will move from the general to the specific and people will actually find things to disagree with…

I will say that from this corner, he’s the one Republican from this field (other than Guliani – and I’ll bet the farm and the mineral rights under the farm that Rudy CAN fail to get the G.O.P. nomination), that might have a chance in 2008. I will also say that unless the Dems pull a 1972 trick out of the disaster bag, this is a Democratic sweep coming up (and not a nanosecond too soon).

It’s often more fun to anticipate than actually’s betting that Fred’s feet of gold show a little clay in the cracks. He’s not the hardest working man in show bizness, and that actually may be a good thing.

As an aside…gooodgravy, it’s May 2000freaking7, and we’re in the throes of the campaign. Maybe it’s because most of America is so ready to get rid of the current bunch..

*I’ve told this story before, but it still impresses me. Back when I lived over near the greater Green Hills area (on the poor side), I’d often saunter in to a certain Den of Donuts for an old fashioned (donut, not cocktail..i don’t think the Foxes have a liquor permit) and some excellent coffee. Many times, even when he was a Senator, I’d see Fred over in the corner reading a newspaper or chatting with buddies. No entourage, no campaigning…just Fred being Fred. I know that doesn’t necessarily equate to presidential timber, but in the eyes of this lefty, I have always admired him for that.


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One thumb partially up, and one thumb way down for the Prez..

Let’s start with the razzzberry.  The federal government has often engaged in what could be called in some circles as creative accounting (shocking, I realize).  Other circles might be in debtor’s prison if they engaged in those practices, but the government is sovereign, so they get to do that kinda stuff.

According to USA Today, today, we, the people, unknowingly absorbed a 1.3 TRILLION dollar loss last year.  Not billion, but TRILLION.  Not the $248 Billion deficit reported by the Bush team.  This is six years into a REPUBLICAN administration.

I’d just like to remind the fiscally responsible Republicans in the viewing area that Bill Clinton (a Democrat), balanced the budget and actually left the incoming Prez with a surplus.  Yeah, he had some help from the GOP in congress, but he was the President and he get’s a lot of the credit.  Just like the one occupying the Oval Office right now.   I thought that THESE were the bizness guys???

Thumbs kinda up for President Bush for his news conference this AM announcing sanctions against Sudan and for some of the folks who do bizness with Sudan.   I understand that the Sudanese government has resisted pressure by not allowing outside peace-keepers into their world of genocide, but it’s past time to make a stand.

Thumbs will go way up for the President if he puts his muscle to work with China’s involvement in the Sudanese crisis.  China imports a lotta oil from Sudan and swaps at least some of that oil for weapons.  Will we have the conjones to point that out publicly?  Will we use the upcoming Olympics in Beijing as a platform to condemn the Chinese for the blood on their hands?

Keep the pressure on Mr. President..keep the pressure on.


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Hey, Let’s Blame the Media, or the ass that cried Wolf(owitz)..

I wish I could have blamed the media many years ago when I made a disastrous choice regarding retirement funds accrued from my first ‘real’ job.  I won’t go into the painful details, but the ramifications lingered for years. It was my choice, but I should have realized that the media with all their advertisements and economic fruit hanging from the tree of good and stupid were really to blame.  If I’d only been well-known enough to chastise the digitally stained nee’ ink-stained wretches responsible for my debacle.

I say this after reading that Paul Wolfowitz is blaming the media for his resignation from the World Bank.  I guess it was Forbes Magazine, or maybe was it the Washington Post, that dictated the overly-generous terms of departure from the World Bank for his girlfriend.  Maybe it was WKRN that ensured that exclaimed ‘AHA”, let’s get a job for Shaha.  Maybe the State Department would be a great place for her to gain new employment.

Paul, you make me sick.  You and your neo-con pals helped engineer what is turning into the worst foreign policy fiasco of our generation.  And no, the media didn’t kill one damn American military member or wound the hundreds of thousands of our troops, many of whom lost limbs for your obscenity.  NBC didn’t kill 80,000 Iraqi civilians, and foment the civil war that your folly was supposed to pave over with democracy.

The media didn’t reward your folly with a position at the World Bank, and I don’t think anyone at the New York Times opined that your girlfriend should get the golden parachute from your peers at the Bank.

So…here’s my little guy advice to Paul Wolfowitz.  Shut the f**k up.


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Lounging at the Bounce B to Beantown Bash, or, I’m too much like Jimmy Swaggart (I like to watch…)

Here’s the sad deal. I can’t sing. I mean, I really really really can’t sing. I would love to sing. I can lip synch like a mofo. I really can’t dance, but I do understand where the beat belongs. I also can’t drink. It’s not a moral or religious thing. It’s a damn health thing. I won’t bore you, but between some very odd allergies and a very morose stomach, drinking just doesn’t work.

Soooo, when the party is at a karaoke bar, it’s gonna be a rough combination. Add in the fact that I far more enjoy sitting around with 2-4-6 folks than trying to figure out how to act at a party when everyone is drinking dancing or singing, this is not my strength.

All of this is to was a night for Aunt B..a night to toss some $$ in a bucket and send our playwright to Boston to see her own play. She certainly deserves the accolades.

Ms. B looked scrumptious in black and white. Ginger also looked quite fetching in black and white. I was also clad in those two non-colors, but it didn’t quite come off the same way.

I should add here that my wife looked wonderful, and I’m not just saying that because I’m supposed to…she’s got black and white hair and I love every follicle.

I wish I had the talent just to sing a little back-up for someone who can sing. I wish I had the balls just to get up in front of people and not care. Slarti and Ginger can sing. A whole lot of bloggers can sing better than they claim (Brittney and B doing ‘Jolene’ rocked the house). Shauna, who didn’t get up, but who works a good hairbrush can sing (I was loitering nearby).

Ivy who apparently skipped ‘inhibition day’ at her elementary school blew the roof off the place more than once (including leading a merry band of bloggers in a rousing ‘Love Shack’). Always enjoy the Ivy…

People I only know from initials and names from B’s blog shimmered amongst the crowd. Plimco, who looked to be around 15, has a great voice, and is apparently going to be in ‘the play’.

Coble has always been one of my heroes, with her honesty, faith, and nose for trouble, solidified her standing with a gutsy LouReedish version of Warren Zevon’s ‘Werewolves of London’. Kat apparently has a voice somewhat in my range, but damn, she did it, and hit the ‘ahhhooooooos’ nicely.

I jonesed on Jag’s new glasses all night and got to hang around with her some, which is always fun. My neighbors Kate and Karsten looked smashing, and may actually have been smashing at one point late in the evening.

Mack god-fathered the party, and I appreciate him macking the party together. He even got up for a little ‘Love Shack’ action.

My extended convo for the evening was with Mary Mancini…no occasion is in-apt to discuss politics imo, and that we did. I wish Mary would run for something! I should also mention that Mary did her own re-written version of Beyonce ‘to the left’, and left the audience wanting more. Her back-up dancers were somewhat directionally challenged (often going to ‘the other left’ instead).

It was also quite cool to meet ‘NM‘ and chat with her a bit (I love it when bloggers take on a more corporal form than just their words on a screen).

My wife, who is somewhat intimidated by blogger-nation, left after a couple of hours, and I hung around on the patio a bunch with primo-lens-man Chris Wage, who according to every woman in the house is now beyond cute without the beard. I was rather taken with his hairless chin myself.

So, what holds me back? I feel borrring, I feel borrrring, and sometimes I just don’t care. I could blame my age, my year’s attendance in inhibition class, my mom (what would the neighbor’s think), my depressing life of Sunday School, my head, which grew to adult size in the 5th grade (no one laughed or made fun, except in grades 6 thru 12), or the fact that my one discernible talent is a pretty damn good Bullwinkle imitation.

Someday I’m going to find a cartoon imitator’s bar, and then, dang it..i’m going to be something.

Last night was of the good though, even if only from a one-step removed vantage point.

You go B!


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Keeping abreast of the hockey news..sometimes its TooToo much

With all the talk about the impending sale of the Preds to Mr. Blackberry, I missed an equally massive story. It seems that American Idol also-ran Kellie Pickler has further enhanced her career by becoming the girlfriend of ‘an Eskimo’ (her words).

Our own (or should that be ‘Hamilton/Kansas City/Winnipeg/Waterloo’s own), Jordin Tootoo, the worlds most famous Inuit, has been dating Pickler since January.

Somehow, this doesn’t assuage the pain…


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Hey Representative Campfield…



I’m still snickering at the ‘Rep’s excuse for not voting for the ‘Rosa Parks’ law*. When asked why, ‘Stacey X’ responded that he was against pardoning members of groups that advocate violence, such as “the Black Panthers.”

Shouldn’t people representing the state be required to say learn a little freaking history of the state. Can the Rep come up with ONE Black Panther arrest in the state of Tennessee? Puh-leeeeze.

Mr. ‘0 for 50’ comes up short again.

*The Rosa Parks law basically expunges so-called crimes from the book that were committed while protesting against segregation. Rosa Park’s arrest for not moving to the back of the bus was ‘removed’ when Alabama passed a similiar law.


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