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Salem’s Lots’ plan to unify Iraq

Since I”ve already had the hubris to make a political endorsement (as in, I’m not sure my FAMILY is going to vote for Briley, much less anyone not connected by blood), it’s time to aim higher: peace between the Sunnis, the Shia, and the Kurdish tribes of northern Iraq.

Forget the police force – the police force is riddled with militia members of the various sects.  The Salem’s Lot plan?   Help the Iraq team win the World Cup in 2008.

The Iraqi team won the Asian Cup over the weekend, and for a few brief hours, most citizens of Iraq were Iraqi, not Shia, Sunni or Kurd.  Celebratory dancing in the streets and much display of the Iraqi flag.  Yeah, there was a lot of gunfire, but the shots were fired in glee instead of venom.  Yeah, there were a few extremists who refused to join in the fun (two car bombs midst the revelry) and four people got killed because of gravity (bullets fired up must come down), but the country danced as ‘one’.

Let’s ensure that the soccer team has the best training facilities in the world.  Maybe Beckham could change his name and dye his hair for the cause.  I dunno, but sports has the ability to do what few other endeavors have accomplished – bringing people together.

Let’s go ‘Lion of the Two Rings’!! 

The soccer team was a mixed bag of Sunni, Shia and Kurd.



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Speech must mention the Prezident 3 TIMES and tell how Comrade Bush’s 5 year plan is really shaping up..

Further evidence of the politics-first-who-gives-a-ratsass-about science or health mentality of some of the Bush acolytes, former Surgeon General Carmona had the audacity to write a speech about how the world’s health was our concern because boundaries are meaningless when it comes to disease.  Apparently the speech didn’t have its share of rah-rah-sis-boom-bah all hail the name of Bush, because it got throttled by the non-doctor, non-scientist who gets to control things like these.

If the President’s name was Clinton and his surgeon general had wanted to report that condom programs in Africa really aren’t that effective and some political lackey took the words ‘aren’t that’ and changed then to ‘are’ and then proceeded to add that Clinton should be mentioned in the speech supporting all that good in American foreign policy, the screams and cries of the right-wing radio crowd would still be reverberating.

What I would like to know is if any one of the dwindling crowd that actually supports the current Bush can justify this behavior?

Instead of attacking the former Surgeon General isn’t there someone in the White House with the balls to say ‘We were wrong’?    The mantra of taking responsibility for ones own actions seems to disappear in the rarefied air of the White house as fast as the bars on my phone down here in the mountains of north Georgia.

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Endorsements and tough choices – Briley for Mayor

I feel compelled to say that I have no pretense that my endorsement of anyone via my blog, Salem’s Lots, has much more meaning than my yard sign. I don’t pretend that the citizens of Nashville are waiting, breath bated, for me to pronounce who they should vote for in the coming election.

So, here’s my blog yard sign, with a few more words than can fit on an actual sign.

We are lucky. We have more than one strong candidate for mayor. In the 19th District, I think we have THREE good candidates to suceed Ludye ‘cris’ Wallace*. Two of our mayoral candidates come from political lineage. One of them wouldn’t be seriously considered, in my opinion, if his father had not been a former governor of our state. The other candidate with said political ancestry, is David Briley.

Briley’s grandfather was the first mayor of Metropolitan Davidson County/Nashville. David Briley has been hearing about politics in Nashville from the time of his first steps. His step into the mayoral race is not based on political legacy, even though he was ‘to the manner borne’.

Briley probably knows as much about Nashville as anyone living here. The difference between him and many of us who call this city our home is that he has been THINKING about Nashville for most of his life. He’s a genial political wonk, who somehow has been able to transcend his ‘wonkdom’ into everyday English.

Briley’s followup to Purcell’s excellent commitment to neighborhoods is important to many of us. His commitment to environmentalism as it relates to government facilities and our city should be important to ALL of us. His courage to raise the issue of ‘environmental racism’ shows that is willing to speak out on issues that will not win him votes in all parts of town.

Briley was part of a team that performed an educational ‘miracle’ at Lockeland School and his knowledge of what it is going to take to make schools meaningful for ALL students is refreshing.

I mentioned earlier that we have hard choices. Karl Dean, if elected, will make an excellent mayor. He is probably the strongest executive ‘type’ in the bunch, but I believe Briley’s lifetime of envisioning Nashville is the best followup to two strong effective mayors.

Update: Liberadio has posted a list of bloggers for Briley. As Braisted said in the comments, the only blogger we can find who has come out for anyone else is the ‘Buck Dozier Blog’.

*I can’t speak to Ludye’s early years representing the North End, but I can honestly say that he has been the invisible man for most of the three years I’ve been living north-side. Of course, I don’t run late night poker games out of my house.

I endorsed Freda Player for the 19th in an earlier post, but am not reluctant to say that Erica Gilmore and David Shaw would serve the 19th well, if elected.


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You know you’re in trouble when the FBI Director says you’re lying

I’ve got Alberto Gonzales on his second ‘standing ‘eight count‘. Why aren’t Republicans who are running for re-election (or E-lection to the Oval Office) sending a modern-day ‘Barry Goldwater‘ to the Bush White House to encourage a Gonzales ‘resignation for personal reasons’?


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Arggggggggggggggggghhh – Stop with the freakin’ generalizations

If a person believed everything he/she read* and they only read conservative to right-right-wing blogs and talk shows you’d believe that liberals were illogical, america-haters, godless, semi-treasonous, responsible for the decline in American civilization as well as losing the Vietnam war, irresponsible, bad lovers, and a whole lot more, but this illogical liberal brain can’t remember any more.

What brought this on? Don Surber, a respected and genial blogger of the conservative bent, makes the following statement in a post about bloggers ‘owning’ the comments on their blog:

Of course, liberals never accept personal responsibility

good grief. Do you know all liberals, Don? Do you know me? Do you claim that Bobby Kennedy never accepted responsibility, or even .50% of all liberals? I am so sick and tired of people stating that ‘______________’ are all ANYTHING. It’s sloppy. It’s red meat to the sychophants, but little else.

And another state that a blogger ‘owns’ the comments made on his or her blog? Yeah, as a blog owner, I can delete comments, and I have on one or two occasions when the commentary was cruel. But the logical conclusion from your argument is to say a blogger is responsible for a commenter calling him ‘deranged’ and ‘irrational’. I’d leave those type of comments on my blog if the writer was talking about me, but I certainly don’t take responsibility for them. That’s why they’re called comments..commentary on the post. I know you are specifically targeting obscene and vile comments, but the ‘ownership’ implication seems to be far fetched.

*You don’t know how much I would love to believe that Hillary really did name Bigfoot as her running mate. Alas, the World News Weekly is going the way of the dodo.


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Is an election ever NOT ABOUT the lesser of two evils

Sean Braisted endorses Diane Neighbors for vice-mayor (over Carol Baldwin Tucker).  S-townMike says a pox on both houses.  In the comments under Sean’s endorsement, Mike is bewildered by progressives who don’t understand that Neighbors is way too pro-business.  I think Tucker is obtuse and that Neighbors is the lesser of two evils.

All of this is to ask the question:  When is an election really NOT about the lesser of two evils?  Don’t candidates have to make compromises that blemish their ‘perfect’ man/woman for the job?

I guess I’m cynical, but the lesser of two evils is often part of my decision making process when it comes to voting.


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Probably not much ‘conchord’ on this issue, but I love this show..


I can’t do, watch, or digest ‘John from Cincinnati’, but I find myself really enjoying ‘Flight‘. The show features two seemingly non-mensa-like musicians from New Zealand who have moved to New York to make it big. As one would suspect after watching their laconic stylings, they are going nowhere fast. But, the deadpan journey is wonderful grist for a 30 minute show replete with witty tunes a la ‘They Might be Giants’.

They have one groupie and a moronic manager and an occasional soon-to-leave girlfriend or two. Not a lot happens, but they make me laugh. I thought I was the only one (besides my wife) who enjoys the show (I’ve heard nothing but derision on talk radio and in blogs), but then I discovered one of my blog-heroes also loves the show. You rock, Lindsey.

Are there more of ‘us’ out there??


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